Regulatory board for Sask. teachers opens amid recent allegations of misconduct

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REGINA – Saskatchewan teachers are now regulated under a new body.

The government officially launched the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) Wednesday, which is responsible for the educators’ certification and discipline.

“It puts teachers in the same position as doctors and lawyers in the province,” said Education Minister Don Morgan. “They will have the ability to set their own standards for discipline.”

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  • Board named to certify, discipline Saskatchewan teachers

  • Saskatchewan teachers increasingly the subject of disciplinary hearings

Before it was the Saskatchewan Federation of Teachers (STF) that both advocated and regulated educators.

President Pat Maze said the new board means the STF is no longer tasked with punishing its own members.

“The STF is, of course, in favour of removing any concerns about conflict of interest in the interest of protecting the public trust in the profession,” he said.

Cases of misconduct

There have been several recent high profile incidents of misconduct. Former teacher Jayson Kennard was sentenced to jail in May for luring a former student for sex.

Not all cases are as severe but it appears there are more disciplinary hearings than in the past.

The new board is now in charge of discipline, including removing a teacher’s certificate.

“It strengthens the public trust in the profession, it elevates the status of the profession,” said SPTRB CEO Trevor Smith. “It recognizes that the vast majority of teachers are hardworking and competent professionals.”

The board is made of seven teachers and two members of the public.

All Saskatchewan teachers are required to register with the SPTRB every year to maintain their certificates.

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Saskatoon residents hope Trudeau keeps promises on aboriginal issues

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SASKATOON – One day after securing a majority government in Canada’s federal election, prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau said he would fulfil his promise of ordering an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.

“I believe that there is a need for a national public inquiry to bring justice for the victims, healing for the families, and to put an end to this tragedy,” Trudeau said to reporters.

The statement covers one of many promises the Liberal leader made on the campaign trail regarding aboriginal issues that many Saskatchewan voters consider front and centre. Trudeau pledged millions of dollars toward First Nations education and full implementation of recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

WATCH: Liberal tidal wave doesn’t reach Saskatoon

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  • Discussing law as it pertains to aboriginal people

  • Canada’s aboriginal residential school system was ‘cultural genocide,’ report says

“Stephen Harper said no to the inquiry and I think it’s important that Trudeau keeps his promises,” said Dallas Fiddler, a University of Saskatchewan (U of S) student who voted this election.

U of S public policy expert Ken Coates said the real question regarding the incoming government is “how are they going to work with aboriginal people and will they do it in a different way?”

Coates said aboriginal governments need to play a key role in the decision making process on issues that affect their communities.

“If all ideas emanate out of the Aboriginal Affairs office in Ottawa and if the prime minister and his cabinet are making the decision, no real change has happened,” said Coates, a professor and research chair in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy.

“It’s not about money; it’s not even about consultation … the real ultimate issue is about shifting decision making and resource allocation from the government of Canada to aboriginal governments.”

READ MORE: Conservatives show strong in Saskatchewan

One group who hopes to work in partnership with the incoming Trudeau government is the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC). Its chief said he’s optimistic about the new leader’s agenda, but worries not everyone in Ottawa will be on board.

“Its one thing for the government to want to do some things, but will the bureaucracy respond quick enough and as aggressively enough as the government wants them to do,” said STC Chief Felix Thomas.

“Good intentions are just that … What we want to do is work in a partnership to facilitate those good intentions to actually come to fruition.”


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Justin Trudeau ‘Just watch me’ note on eBay

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TORONTO – A 2013 note in which then-Liberal leadership contender Justin Trudeau predicted he would beat Prime Minister Stephen Harper is up for sale on eBay.

Michael Kydd was on Porter Airlines flight on March 20, 2013, and passed a note to Trudeau asking “Can you really beat Harper?”

Trudeau responded with a quote from his late father — former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau — “Just watch me.”

Trudeau, who was running for the Liberal leadership at the time, confirmed the note in a tweet on the same day saying, “Yup, it was me.”

Bidding on the note — which had attracted a top bid of $2,550 by Wednesday evening — ends Thursday afternoon.

Trudeau’s father replied “Well, just watch me!” on Oct. 13, 1970, when asked by a reporter how far he would go in limiting civil liberties to combat separatist terrorists during the October Crisis.

Three days later, Pierre Elliott Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, giving police more power in response to the kidnapping of British diplomat James Cross and Quebec provincial cabinet minister Pierre Laporte by the FLQ.

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  • Ghosts of his father’s energy program haunt Trudeau in Alberta

  • Petitions push for Trudeau to install Elizabeth May as environment minister

    Is world media’s portrayal of “hunk” Justin Trudeau sexist?


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A Life Discarded: Child deaths in care across Canada

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Every disturbing detail of Paige Gauchier’s life is laid out in a report done by BC’s Representative for Children and Youth. The report sheds light on a foster care system that critics say failed the 19-year-old girl.

“She saw people turn tricks, she was brought into the sex trade, she was abused, she was physically, sexually abused, she went through everything,” says Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, B.C.’s Representative for Children and Youth.

“This child in two and a half years moved 50 times, (lived in) shelters, SROs (single room occupancy hotels), was abandoned on the street.”

Born to an addicted mother, Paige was passed through the hands of seventeen different social workers in her brief lifetime – a life that ended in a drug overdose less than a year after she “aged” out of care.

“Next thing you know a short while later, she’s of course on the street and really intensely addicted, very sick and then before long she’s dead,” says Turpel-Lafond.

READ MORE: Paige’s story: In search of a name

Paige’s tragic story is not unique. It’s a story repeated over and over again across Canada. But how many times exactly – is not known.

Ottawa does not keep a national record of children who die while in care. But in a survey of provinces, 16×9 found some disturbing numbers – a total of 320 deaths in the past five years alone. The causes of deaths vary – some are accidents, others are suicides, many are from natural causes.

But what we really wanted to find out was the number of deaths of children who had been out of the child care system for less than a year.

So 16×9 surveyed the country to try and determine the number of deaths of those children. Shockingly, we discovered many provinces don’t keep track.

Ontario is one of the few provinces that does. And in that province alone, since 2009, 57 children have died less than 12 months after their case with Children’s Aid had been closed.

But if you combine that with the number of children who have died while in care and the number of children who have died while living at home with their families, but have an open file with Children’s Aid, the total number is over 500 since 2009.

That’s between 90 -120 deaths each year, and about one death every three days.

“When I hear 100 – 120 I think Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – a child connected to care dies. Thursday, Friday, Saturday – a child connected to care dies,” says Irwin Elman, Ontario’s Child Advocate.

“If somebody thinks the child welfare system is completely without holes and doesn’t need looking at in terms of how we protect children then how do you explain that?”

Irwin says the circumstances in which Paige found herself in are not unique to BC.

“It’s a tragedy because it’s the same problem across the board,” he says. “Whatever province you go to Ontario, BC, at some level the kinds of issues that young people in the child welfare system are facing are the same.”

You can watch 16×9’s investigation “A Life Discarded” this Saturday at 7pm.

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2015 on tap to be warmest year on record

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The top 10 warmest years on record have all occurred since 1998, with nine of those in this century alone. Now, it looks like 2015 is on tap to once again smash the record for the warmest year on record across the globe.

READ MORE: 2014 warmest in 134 years: NASA, NOAA

On Wednesday the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that the average September temperature across land and sea was 0.90 C above the 20th century average for the month, making it the highest September temperature on record, beating last September’s by 0.19 C.

But what makes the news somewhat more concerning is that the global temperature from January to September was 0.85 C above the 20th century average. In fact, it beat out 2014’s January to September average by 0.12 C —; and 2014 was the warmest year on record.

The likely cause for this year’s record temperatures lies with El Niño. However, the report said, “This departure from average is also 0.25°C (0.45°F) higher than the global ocean temperature for September 1997, when the last strong El Niño occurred.”

Though there are still three months to record, it’s easy to see the trend.

From January to September, there have been six warmest months on record: March, May, June, July, August and September. January and February 2015 held the second ranking with April only coming in as the fourth warmest April on record.

Individually, the land temperatures were 1.29 C above average with the ocean temperatures 0.69 C above average, indicating that there is not just one source of heat.

With El Niño forecast to extend into the spring, chances are that the temperatures will continue on its warming trend.

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  • 2013 tied for 4th warmest year on record, NOAA

  • Strong action on climate change is a ‘human responsibility’: Dalai Lama

  • Climate change, food security key to global stability, Kerry says


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Big Valley Jamboree reveals headliners for 2016 music festival

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EDMONTON – The lineup for the 2016 Big Valley Jamboree so far includes some big names in country music. On Thursday the headliners were revealed for next summer’s music festival.

Superstar Carrie Underwood will be returning for her second BVJ performance. Fans have been wanting more since her 2007 performance.

Blake Shelton will also be returning to the stage to belt out some of his old country favourites. Country chart-topper Dierks Bentley is among the star-studded lineup.

Sam Hunt is joining in on the fun for his first Big Valley Jamboree performance. He recently produced the duet “Heartbeat” with Underwood.

The rest of the weekend’s lineup has yet to be released.

READ MORE: Big Valley Jamboree a huge boost to Camrose’s economy

The 24th Annual Big Valley Jamboree takes place July 28-31, 2016 in Camrose, Alta. Tickets go on sale to the public on November 2, 2015 at  10 a.m.

For more information you can check out 长沙夜生活bigvalleyjamboree长沙桑拿

Carrie Underwood performs at the iHeartRadio Country Festival in Austin, Texas. on May 29, 2014, in Charlotte, N.C.

Photo by Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP, file

Blake Shelton at the
2014 CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee.

Photo by Amy Harris/REX

In this June 8, 2013 file photo, Dierks Bentley performs at LP Field in Nashville Tenn. Bentley is organizing a July 22 benefit concert at Tim’s Toyota Center in Prescott Valley, Ariz., for the families of 19 firefighters from Prescott Fire Department’s Granite Mountain Hotshots who were killed while on duty.

Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP, File

Sam Hunt, left, and Dwight Yoakam perform at ACM Presents Superstar Duets at Globe Life Park on Friday, April 17, 2015, in Arlington, Texas.

Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

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  • Big Valley Jamboree fatality inquiry begins

  • Big Valley Jamboree a huge boost to Camrose’s economy

    Charges stayed in fatal stage collapse at Big Valley Jamboree


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‘Nathan is part of me:’ Man who helped Cpl. Cirillo before he died remembers Ottawa shooting

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Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the violent attack on Ottawa that took the life of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and for Martin Magnan he has thought about the young man every day.

Magnan, then working as a media adviser in Ottawa, was walking past the National War Memorial on his way to a meeting when gunman Michael Zehaf Bibeau shot Cirillo twice in the back before launching an attack on Parliament Hill’s Centre Block.

Magnan was one of several people who rushed to aid the dying soldier and was with him until the final moments holding his hand.

“It is really different because Nathan is part of me. I think about him almost daily,” Magnan told Global News. “I’ve thought about him a lot when I think of my own children who are 14 and 19.”

WATCH: Ceremony held in Hamilton, Ont. to remember Cpl. Nathan Cirillo 1-year after death

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The 47-year-old helped the mortally wounded reservist from Hamilton, Ont. along with Barbara Winters, an Ottawa lawyer, Margaret Lerhe, a nurse, and Anthony Wiseman, a driver for Canada’s Defence Department, as well as another soldier.

“I was just walking by when the shots rang out. There were a lot of sirens that day. I ran over and they were already in action,” Magnan said.

“The military guys were so focused. When Anthony came over he went right down beside [Cirillo] and said ‘hang on buddy.’ It was really incredible to watch those guys go. Margaret and Barb they came in and we all got into our routine. Things just kind of happened as they did. It was very surreal.”

IN PHOTOS: One-year anniversary of the Ottawa shooting 

An armed officer dashes across Wellington in downtown Ottawa Wednesday, Oct. 22.

Anna Mehler Paperny/Global News

Ottawa police appeared prepared for an imminent confrontation near the Rideau Centre Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 22.

Anna Mehler Paperny/Global News

One officer, armed with rifle, covers for another running behind a concrete barrier on Wellington Oct. 22.

Anna Mehler Paperny/Global News

Police clear the area outside the Chateau Laurier as they search for suspect following War Memorial shooting in Ottawa Wednesday.

Anna Mehler Paperny/Global News

Officers confer during their search for a shooter across the street from the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa Wednesday Oct. 22

Anna Mehler Paperny/Global News

An armed officer takes cover on Wellington in downtown Ottawa.

Anna Mehler Paperny/Global News

Police vehicles in downtown Ottawa Wednesday, Oct. 22

Anna Mehler Paperny/Global News

An Ottawa police officer on motorcycle approaches a cordoned-off area in downtown Ottawa Wednesday, Oct. 22.

Anna Mehler Paperny/Global News

Paramedics later arrived and continued CPR but the wounds were too severe and the 24-year-old died at the foot of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

After the tragic events one year ago, Magnan says it is great to see people still walking past the memorial and always takes a moment to recognize the sentries standing guard.

READ MORE: Reservists like Nathan Cirillo are worth $1.8M less to the feds. Why?

“This whole area is quite personal to me now and to my family as well. I walk by here every day. On my way to work I walk by and on my way home I walk by,” he said. “It’s great to see so many people here all the time, tourists, people walking by. It’s fantastic. This is a good place for me.”

“I see who is over there and it looks good. I’m happy they’re there and I’m happy they came back. I want that program to keep going. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Kevin Vickers, Canada’s former Sergeant-at-Arms who was credited with stopping the shooter, said Thursday that his thoughts are with the victims’ families and the first responders.

Magnan says that while he never got the chance to meet Cirillo he’s heard stories about how great the young father was.

“Not knowing Nathan, you know, to find out little bits and pieces of his life and see how awesome he was,” Magnan said. “It’s a great loss for his family and that hurts, it hurts me personally.”

READ MORE: Cpl. Cirillo’s death spurred injured reservist benefit changes: Kenney

On Wednesday evening, dozens of people turned out for a ceremony in Cirillo’s honour in his home town of Hamilton, Ont. Cirillo, a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders regiment, left a son, Marcus.

A national ceremony will be held in Ottawa Thursday to commemorate the lives of Cirillo as well as Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent who was killed almost two weeks earlier in a separate attack in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que.

Magnan said he still tries to keep in touch with the people who tried to help that day and says the family has “taken the burden of Canada” in the wake of the devastating incident.

“That family has taken the burden of Canada for this and, with this anniversary is part closure and I hope they find the privacy and the space to move on that they truly deserve.”


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UPDATE: Tina the ‘severely obese’ cat is now in intensive care

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FREDERICTON – Tina the Cat, who weighs in at a whopping 38 lbs, is now in intensive care because of her size.

Veterinarians at the Hometown Veterinary Hospital in Fredericton believe it may take anywhere from a year, to a year and a half for her to make a full recovery.

A strict new diet and plenty of exercise are just what the doctor is ordering for Tina “severely obese” cat that was recently handed over to the Fredericton SPCA (FSPCA).

The FSPCA says that her health was compromised when she was brought to them.

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“She completely filled the cat cage,” FSPCA supervisor Andrea Stone said.

Tina, whose name pays homage to another obese cat brought to the FSPCA in 2012 named Tiny, was brought to the Hometown Veterinary Hospital where she’s been staying through her recovery process.

READ MORE: Fat cat’s weight loss challenge makes Tiny an international celebrity

“Tina has been doing well medically,” said Dr. Chelsea Armstrong, who is overseeing the cat’s care.

“She has lost a few pounds and she seems to be adjusting well to her new diet and exercise regimen.”

Stone said that when Tina was first brought to the FSPCA by an animal control officer, she was worried that the cat wouldn’t survive.

“Tina has a long road to recovery ahead of her and we have to closely monitor her health during her weight loss,” Armstrong said.

“She is on her way to becoming a healthy cat once again.”

FSPCA director Annette James say that Tina’s condition is shocking and that people need to know that, “obesity threatens to cut short an animal’s life and is actually a form of neglect.” Being healthy and having a good diet and activity levels contribute to an animal’s well being.

Tina’s weight and size made it impossible for her to clean herself, which James says also brought on “serious and distressful physical side effects.”

Tina’s care will cost a lot of money, but James says that it’s worth it to see her doing so well.

“She’s beautiful with a delightful personality in spite of her pain and discomfort.”


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Montreal’s 23rd homicide possibly linked to drugs

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MONTREAL – A 27-year-old man has died after being shot in an apartment building on Ste-Catherine Street near de Chambly Street in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. .

At 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday police received 911 calls about shots being fired in the neighbourhood.

When officers arrived on scene, they found the victim with a gunshot wound to the upper body.

The critically injured man was taken to hospital, where he died Thursday at 5:30 a.m.

Montreal police spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant told Global News that investigators believe the shooting was linked to a drug deal.

A perimeter erected around the crime scene was lifted later Thursday morning, as police continue to interview witnesses.

Police have no suspects in what is the city’s 23rd homicide of 2015.

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  • Montreal police investigate city’s 22nd homicide

  • Projet Montreal asks for public consultation into police body cameras

  • Montreal police investigate after man is stabbed, drives himself to hospital

  • New Montreal police chief expects cuts to police force


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Canadians are on a big-ticket shopping spree, retail data shows

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Canadian consumers continue to snap up big-ticket items such as vehicles and furniture, providing a powerful jolt to an economy desperately in need of one as other areas (like low oil prices) drag on momentum.

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  • Bank of Canada says economy has ‘rebounded’, holds interest rate steady

Statistics Canada said Thursday retail sales jumped more than expected in August – the fourth month in a row sales have ticked higher, despite persistent concerns among economy watchers about the affect sliding prices for oil and other commodities will have on consumers’ pocketbooks (by way of jobs and incomes, etc.).

“Retail sales continued their recent ascent in August,” Brian DePratto, an economist at TD Bank said. Low borrowing rates and lower gasoline prices provided “ key supports” to spending, he said, while the federal handout to families (the Universal Child Care Benefit) in late July, likely also provided some lift.

Here’s five things consumers should know about the latest retail sales figures:

Big-ticket spenders

Vehicle sales continue to put up record numbers, rising 2.0 per cent in August. “Motor vehicle and parts dealers saw another strong performance,” DePratto said.

A lower loonie more than likely played a key role here, as Americans crossed the border to go car shopping, experts say. But domestic buyers are still turning up on dealership lots, attracted by super low interest rates, Scotiabank auto economist Carlos Gomes said.

Low interest rates on lines of credit and financing options also continue to lift sales for other big ticket items.

“Sales also advanced markedly at furniture and home furnishings stores,” TD said. Furniture stores reporting a 3 per cent rise, Statscan said.

Click here to view data »

Child benefits pocketed

Spending cooled a touch however on smaller-ticket items, economists noted, suggesting many families pocketed at least some of the child benefit cheques that arrived in late July, or used the funds to pay down debts.

“Outside of those big ticket items, however, it doesn’t look like Canadians are spending their Universal Child Care Benefit cheques just yet,” Royce Mendes of CIBC Economics said. “Electronics, clothing and sporting goods have not shown the expected strength from that windfall.”

MORE: Beefed up child benefit cheques start arriving as economy wobbles 

Consumers in regions where employment levels are being affected by oil’s decline (amid other commodities prices) may be holding back, too, Mendes said. “They could look [at] the near term volatility in their income and not boost spending.”

Statscan noted that a later start to the school year in some jurisdictions may have impacted the data. “Sales at stores typically associated with back-to-school shopping were generally lower,” RBC economists said.

Oil shock bites

Spending in provinces with more exposure to the energy sector – chiefly Alberta and Saskatchewan – are indeed seeing  households guard their pay cheques more carefully.

Alberta saw total retail spending decline 2.9 per cent compared to last August, while Saskatchewan consumers dialed back by 2.3 per cent – the only two provinces in the red. In contrast, British Columbia (7 per cent) and Ontario (5.4 per cent) were the top performers.

MORE: Latest coverage —; plunging oil prices 

Loonie impact

The loonie’s sharp decline in the past year didn’t amount to sharp price increases for products in the month, it appears. Volumes, not prices, are what drove the increase in spending, economists said.

“The strength in sales was even stronger in real terms,” TD’s Brian DePratto said.

Debt fueled

The elephant in the room amid all this spending however is that much of it is being fueled by a growing debt bulge on consumer balance sheets. Ultra low rates continue to encourage the purchase of big, expensive items.

MORE: What’s fueling Canada’s economic recovery? Even more debt

While the spending spree is providing an important economic support in the near term, experts say, it could pose problems down the road when interest rates rise, or if the country dips back into recession.

“Canadian consumers continue to hang in there despite a high household debt burden,” BMO economist Benjamin Reitzes said.

Click here to view data »

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Why decision-makers have avoided making Parliament Hill a fortress

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To the naked eye, not much has changed. But a lot of small adjustments have been made in the wake of last year’s attack on Parliament Hill.

Tourists still mill about the Centennial Flame and up the steps, stopping to snap pictures as they gaze up at the Peace Tower. Locals pass by the open gates on Wellington Street, and those who work in the parliamentary precinct come and go, as always, without much interference.

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  • IN PHOTOS: Nathan Cirillo, Patrice Vincent honoured in Ottawa, on social media

  • ‘Nathan is part of me:’ Man who helped Cpl. Cirillo before he died remembers Ottawa shooting

A few more RCMP vehicles dot the driveways and parking lots, but for the most part, things today look much the way they did on Oct. 22, 2014, when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed into the Hall of Honour and opened fire.

Looks can be deceiving, however. On closer inspection, a visitor might note that RCMP officers are now holding submachine guns as they patrol the grounds. The security personnel guarding Parliament have also become one unified force (the Parliamentary Protective Services), rather than the former hodge-podge of security departments guarding the Senate, House of Commons and surrounding property.

There are a few more police vehicles, and a few more guards. Reports suggest there are also more security cameras and additional staff to monitor those feeds. An armed “Quick Response Team” is permanently posted outside, and a new security checkpoint has been created outside the main screening area under the Peace Tower, with bags checked before tourists and visitors can pass through the doors.

Still, Parliament Hill remains a pretty accessible place. That doesn’t surprise Jez Littlewood, an assistant professor of international affairs at Carleton University.

” You could make Parliament Hill a fortress, if you so wished,” Littlewood said.

“But I think there would be a lot of push-back from the MPs themselves, as well as from the public.”

READ MORE: Hundreds gather at Ottawa ceremony to honour Nathan Cirillo, Patrice Vincent

Improvements to closed-circuit camera monitoring and intelligence sharing are examples of security efforts that “are not in your face, hidden from public view,” said Littlewood. These can be just as effective as walls or checkpoints.

The integration of the various Hill security forces is the biggest shift, and Littlewood said it will likely be some time before everyone has adjusted to the new structure.

“Many of the smaller bureaucratic issues, such as ‘can they talk to each other over the radio?’ for example, should be on the way to resolution,” he said.

“But it’s going to be a learning curve for all of them, and there will be some trips and some challenges as it evolves over a period of time.”

In a statement provided to Global News, the RCMP said the following changes have also taken place over the last 12 months:

Increased radio communication/efficiencyThe implementation of an emergency notification systemThe establishment of a training unit to develop exercises and initiatives for all security personnelThe creation of a special intelligence unit to be proactive in identifying risks to Parliament Hill

The RCMP did not confirm whether all of the 66 recommendations issued by the Ontario Provincial Police in the wake of Zehaf-Bibeau’s lone-wolf attack on the Hill have been implemented. Most were redacted in the OPP’s final report.

A Change to Bill C-51?

Also making headlines on the anniversary of the attack on Parliament was the potential creation of a parliamentary committee to provide oversight for Canada’s top intelligence-gathering agencies. According to several reports, prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau and his party are hoping to create the special body via amendments to controversial anti-terror legislation Bill C-51. The Conservatives introduced the bill in the wake of the attack, but critics felt it gave too much power to spy agencies while failing to ensure someone was, in turn, keeping an eye on them.

“There are a lot of details which will have to be worked out,” Littlewood said of the proposed parliamentary committee, which would likely mirror similar ones in countries like the United Kingdom.

“Will they have access to classified information? If so, how will that work? In practice, how will it get from one place to another? Some members of the Houses will therefore have more information than others. These are not unknown challenges. Other countries have dealt with them … but it’s not an easy option.”


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‘Are you ready for someone like me?’ Conservative MP Michelle Rempel talks women and leadership on Twitter

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Calgary MP Michelle Rempel vented about the minefield facing women in political leadership Wednesday night on 桑拿会所.

The 35-year-old Conservative MP won back her seat in Monday’s election. But not all Conservatives fared so well. The party lost power to the Liberals and Conservative leader Stephen Harper is resigning.

Rempel’s name is among those being floated as leadership contenders. Which led her to blow off steam online on the often contradictory standards that still exist for women in (or who want to be in) positions of power.

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  • ‘Plane Talk’ with Michelle Rempel: her interest in wine and her political triumph

  • More women are running in this election than ever before – 30 per cent of candidates

“I’m a 35 year old chick. We’re not supposed to do these sorts of things, you know,” she wrote. However, she also said that, “Times have changed.”

88 women were elected to the House of Commons this election – the highest number ever. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has pledged that half of his cabinet will be women.

“Many of you talk about women in leadership and politics,” wrote Rempel.

“I am competent, proven, and ready. Here’s the question – are you ready for someone like me?”

Read Rempel’s full 桑拿会所 rant below:


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Red Deer Rebels rout Saskatoon Blades 7-1

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RED DEER, Alta. – Wyatt Johnson scored a hat trick and added an assist as the Red Deer Rebels routed the Saskatoon Blades 7-1 on Wednesday night in Western Hockey League action. Michael Spacek, Austin Pratt, Ivan Nikolishin and Colton Bobyk supplied the rest of the offence for the Rebels (8-4-0), who won their third straight.

Conner Bleackley and Grayson Pawlenchuk tacked on two assists apiece.

Nick Zajac opened the scoring with a short-handed goal in the first period for Saskatoon (4-3-3).

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  • Saskatoon Blades hand the Edmonton Oil Kings 5th straight loss

  • Brandon Wheat Kings hand Saskatoon Blades 4-1 loss

  • Saskatoon Blades defence is improving

Rylan Toth started in goal for Red Deer but gave way to Trevor Martin after kicking out 2-of-3 shots in 5:25. Martin stopped all 15 shots he faced in 54:35 of relief. Nik Amundrud made 25 saves for the Blades.

The Rebels scored once on six power-play chances while Saskatoon was scoreless on four opportunities.

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Blades forward Connor Gay received a major penalty and game misconduct for cross checking at 8:52 of the second period. Red Deer’s Haydn Fleury was ejected in the same stoppage after a major for checking to the head.

The Blades continue their road trip on Friday when they take on the Kootenay Ice in Cranbrook, B.C.


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