Regulatory board for Sask. teachers opens amid recent allegations of misconduct

REGINA – Saskatchewan teachers are now regulated under a new body.

The government officially launched the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) Wednesday, which is responsible for the educators’ certification and discipline.

“It puts teachers in the same position as doctors and lawyers in the province,” said Education Minister Don Morgan. “They will have the ability to set their own standards for discipline.”

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  • Board named to certify, discipline Saskatchewan teachers

  • Saskatchewan teachers increasingly the subject of disciplinary hearings

Before it was the Saskatchewan Federation of Teachers (STF) that both advocated and regulated educators.

President Pat Maze said the new board means the STF is no longer tasked with punishing its own members.

“The STF is, of course, in favour of removing any concerns about conflict of interest in the interest of protecting the public trust in the profession,” he said.

Cases of misconduct

There have been several recent high profile incidents of misconduct. Former teacher Jayson Kennard was sentenced to jail in May for luring a former student for sex.

Not all cases are as severe but it appears there are more disciplinary hearings than in the past.

The new board is now in charge of discipline, including removing a teacher’s certificate.

“It strengthens the public trust in the profession, it elevates the status of the profession,” said SPTRB CEO Trevor Smith. “It recognizes that the vast majority of teachers are hardworking and competent professionals.”

The board is made of seven teachers and two members of the public.

All Saskatchewan teachers are required to register with the SPTRB every year to maintain their certificates.

Saskatoon residents hope Trudeau keeps promises on aboriginal issues

SASKATOON – One day after securing a majority government in Canada’s federal election, prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau said he would fulfil his promise of ordering an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.

“I believe that there is a need for a national public inquiry to bring justice for the victims, healing for the families, and to put an end to this tragedy,” Trudeau said to reporters.

The statement covers one of many promises the Liberal leader made on the campaign trail regarding aboriginal issues that many Saskatchewan voters consider front and centre. Trudeau pledged millions of dollars toward First Nations education and full implementation of recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

WATCH: Liberal tidal wave doesn’t reach Saskatoon

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  • Discussing law as it pertains to aboriginal people

  • Canada’s aboriginal residential school system was ‘cultural genocide,’ report says

“Stephen Harper said no to the inquiry and I think it’s important that Trudeau keeps his promises,” said Dallas Fiddler, a University of Saskatchewan (U of S) student who voted this election.

U of S public policy expert Ken Coates said the real question regarding the incoming government is “how are they going to work with aboriginal people and will they do it in a different way?”

Coates said aboriginal governments need to play a key role in the decision making process on issues that affect their communities.

“If all ideas emanate out of the Aboriginal Affairs office in Ottawa and if the prime minister and his cabinet are making the decision, no real change has happened,” said Coates, a professor and research chair in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy.

“It’s not about money; it’s not even about consultation … the real ultimate issue is about shifting decision making and resource allocation from the government of Canada to aboriginal governments.”

READ MORE: Conservatives show strong in Saskatchewan

One group who hopes to work in partnership with the incoming Trudeau government is the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC). Its chief said he’s optimistic about the new leader’s agenda, but worries not everyone in Ottawa will be on board.

“Its one thing for the government to want to do some things, but will the bureaucracy respond quick enough and as aggressively enough as the government wants them to do,” said STC Chief Felix Thomas.

“Good intentions are just that … What we want to do is work in a partnership to facilitate those good intentions to actually come to fruition.”


Justin Trudeau ‘Just watch me’ note on eBay

TORONTO – A 2013 note in which then-Liberal leadership contender Justin Trudeau predicted he would beat Prime Minister Stephen Harper is up for sale on eBay.

Michael Kydd was on Porter Airlines flight on March 20, 2013, and passed a note to Trudeau asking “Can you really beat Harper?”

Trudeau responded with a quote from his late father — former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau — “Just watch me.”

Trudeau, who was running for the Liberal leadership at the time, confirmed the note in a tweet on the same day saying, “Yup, it was me.”

Bidding on the note — which had attracted a top bid of $2,550 by Wednesday evening — ends Thursday afternoon.

Trudeau’s father replied “Well, just watch me!” on Oct. 13, 1970, when asked by a reporter how far he would go in limiting civil liberties to combat separatist terrorists during the October Crisis.

Three days later, Pierre Elliott Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, giving police more power in response to the kidnapping of British diplomat James Cross and Quebec provincial cabinet minister Pierre Laporte by the FLQ.

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  • Ghosts of his father’s energy program haunt Trudeau in Alberta

  • Petitions push for Trudeau to install Elizabeth May as environment minister

    Is world media’s portrayal of “hunk” Justin Trudeau sexist?


Vancouver City Council votes in favour of tearing down Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts

Vancouver City Council approved the removal of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts.

Council voted 5-4 in favour of the removal plan, which comes with amendments from Tuesday night’s meeting.

The plan for the viaducts includes expanding Pacific Boulevard and a ramp that will connect Georgia Street to the waterfront; extending Creekside Park into Concord Pacific lands and moving the main flow of traffic from Prior Street to either Malkin or National. The timeline to have the project completed is five years.

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“I feel very good,” said Councillor Geoff Meggs. “I think council and its majority made a really positive decision for the future of the city. This is an area that’s been neglected. It’s been waiting a long time to find its future. Its future should not include the viaducts. It should be a bigger park, it should be better connections, it should be a better traffic arrangement than we have now.”

Councillor George Affleck expressed concerns.

“I think that we have the cost of 200 to 300 million dollars was a real challenge for me. I think that we don’t know where that’s going to come from. It wasn’t clear in the report….It’s just too high for the people of Vancouver.”

While the city is ready to move ahead with the removal of the viaducts, B.C. transportation minister Todd Stone said it’s not a done deal.

Stone pointed out that PavCo–the Crown corporation owned by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure–owns land around the viaducts.

“When you look at the plan, part of the realignment of the new roads would cross over land that is owned by Pavco. It would be a good idea, in my mind, for the City of Vancouver to reach out to the Pavilion Corporation, reach out to the province, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transportation and have a discussion and a dialogue with us so that our concerns that we have and that PavCo has are very much part of the discussion moving forward.”

On Wednesday evening, Kevin Quinlan, the mayor’s deputy chief of staff, said city staffers  have actually met with PavCo eight times since April of last year to discuss the proposal.

WATCH: Debate over viaduct plan

City staff estimate that land freed up by the removal of the viaducts would be worth more than $100 million. Most of that land is owned by Concord Pacific.

Last week, Charles Gauthier of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association spoke in favour of the plan, noting that they were “pleasantly surprised” to find the viaducts only handle about 10 per cent of the traffic that comes into the downtown core.

“We thought that number would be considerably higher,” Gauthier told Council.

So where will that traffic go? Council was told by Concord Pacific that while a City Staff report suggests commute times into downtown might increase by three to four minutes, traffic could be improved thanks to a redesigned Pacific Boulevard that will be eight lanes wide in places.

-With files from Paula Baker, Ted Chernecki and Catherine Urquhart


NASA: 99 per cent probability of magnitude-5 or larger quake in L.A.-area

LOS ANGELES – There is a 99.9 per cent chance of a magnitude-5 or greater earthquake striking within three years in the greater Los Angeles area, where a similar sized temblor caused more than $12 million in damage last year, according to a study by NASA and university researchers.

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The study released Tuesday was based on Global Positioning System and airborne radar measurements of how the Earth’s crust was deformed by the magnitude-5.1 quake on March 28, 2014, in La Habra, about 20 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. The damage included broken water mains and cracked pavement.

By comparison, in 1994 the magnitude-6.7 Northridge earthquake left $25 billion in damage, caused dozens of deaths and injured 9,000 people.

The study looked at a 62-mile radius around the La Habra epicenter. Researchers observed shallow movements of the ground, took into account a deficit in the number of earthquakes expected there and calculated how much strain may remain in deeper faults that are still locked.

While the magnitude-5 quake was found to be extremely likely by April 1, 2018, one of magnitude-6 or higher was pegged at just 35 per cent and the largest potential quake was estimated at 6.3.

READ MORE: Small earthquake strikes west of Port Hardy

Study leader Andrea Donnellan, a geophysicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said the research is not a prediction.

“It’s a statistical probability that we computed,” she said in an interview.

The U.S. Geological Survey took issue with the study, asserting that it was unclear how the study derived its numbers and that the accepted probability is 85 per cent.

Responding to the criticism, Donnellan said the study’s references to other scientific papers would allow other researchers to reconstruct the process.

According to the most recent Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast, which was published in March and is the basis for the agency’s National Seismic Hazard Maps, the Southern California region has a 100 per cent chance of one or more magnitude-5 or larger quakes and a 93 per cent chance of a 6.7 jolt during the next 30 years.

READ MORE: 6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Indonesia

Thousands of older wood and concrete apartment buildings vulnerable to collapse in a major earthquake would get costly upgrades under sweeping retrofitting rules passed this month by the Los Angeles City Council.

Also participating in the NASA-led study were researchers from the University of California, Irvine; Indiana University, Bloomington; UC Davis; and the University of Nevada, Reno.


Hurricane Patricia: Mexico braces for monster Category 5 storm

MANZANILLO, Mexico – Hurricane Patricia headed toward southwestern Mexico Friday as a monster Category 5 storm, the strongest ever in the Western Hemisphere that forecasters said could make a “potentially catastrophic landfall” later in the day.

Residents of a stretch of Mexico’s Pacific Coast dotted with resorts and fishing villages on Thursday boarded up homes and bought supplies ahead of Patricia’s arrival.

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READ MORE: How monster Hurricane Patricia is affecting Mexico-bound flights from Canada

With maximum sustained winds near 325 kph, Patricia is the strongest storm ever recorded in the eastern Pacific or in the Atlantic, said Dave Roberts, a hurricane specialist at the U.S. National Hurricane Center.

Live updates below as Hurricane Patricia comes ashore in Mexico

Patricia’s power was comparable to that of Typhoon Haiyan, which left more than 7,300 dead or missing in the Philippines two years ago, according to the U.N.’s World Meteorological Organization.

Magnitude of Hurricane Patricia shown in colour animation as it bears down on Mexico


Magnitude of Hurricane Patricia shown in colour animation as it bears down on Mexico


Mexico braces for hit from monster Hurricane Patricia


Global Meteorologist Jordan Witzel explains the severity of Hurricane Patricia


Hurricane Patricia casts huge swath over earth as seen from ISS


Hurricane Patricia could be devastating for Mexican cities in its path


The calm before the storm: Businesses, vacationers in Mexico preparing for Hurricane Patricia


Hurricane Patricia cancels flights from Calgary to Mexico


Tourists are evacuating as residents prep for Hurricane Patricia’s landfall in Mexico


Canadian travellers in Puerto Vallarta brace for Hurricane Patricia

In Mexico, officials declared a state of emergency in dozens of municipalities in Colima, Nayarit and Jalisco states that contain the bustling port of Manzanillo and the posh resort of Puerto Vallarta. The governor of Colima ordered schools closed on Friday, when the storm was forecast to make what the Hurricane Center called a “potentially catastrophic landfall.”

Police patrol the beach in Boca de Pascuales, Colima State, Mexico, on October 22, 2015. Fast-moving Patricia grew into an “extremely dangerous” major hurricane off Mexico’s Pacific coast on Thursday, forecasters said.

Hector Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images

According to the 2010 census, there were more than 7.3 million inhabitants in Jalisco state and more than 255,000 in Puerto Vallarta municipality. There were more than 650,000 in Colima state, and more than 161,000 in Manzanillo.

WATCH ABOVE: Images from the International Space Station show the massive category five Hurricane Patricia, that is due to make landfall in Mexico sometime on Friday.

Evacuations were under way in Puerto Vallarta Friday, with officials taking people to 14 shelters, mostly in schools, according to the Jalisco government’s webpage. Exact numbers of those evacuated were not immediately available.

READ MORE: How strong is the ‘potentially catastrophic’ storm?

Roberto Ramirez, the director of Mexico’s National Water Commission, which includes the nation’s meteorological service, said that Hurricane Patricia will be powerful enough to lift up automobiles, destroy homes that are not sturdily built with cement and steel and will be able to drag along people caught outside when the storm strikes.

Ramirez said that the people in the most danger from the hurricane will be those on the coast, especially in the state of Jalisco.

Rain pounded Manzanillo late Thursday while people took last-minute measures ahead of Patricia, which quickly grew from a tropical storm into a Category 5 hurricane, leaving authorities scrambling to make people safe.

At a Wal-Mart in Manzanillo, shoppers filled carts with non-perishables as a steady rain fell outside.

WATCH ABOVE: Teams of police and civil protection officials on Friday warned people along Puerto Vallarta’s waterfront in Mexico to evacuate ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Patricia – said to be the most powerful storm in either the Pacific or Atlantic since records began.

Veronica Cabrera, shopping with her young son, said Manzanillo tends to flood with many small streams overflowing their banks. She said she had taped her windows at home to prevent them from shattering.

Alejandra Rodriguez, shopping with her brother and mother, was buying 10 liters of milk, a large jug of water and items like tuna and canned ham that do not require refrigeration or cooking. The family already blocked the bottoms of the doors at their home to keep water from entering.

READ MORE: Hurricane Patricia strong enough ‘to get a plane in the air and keep it flying’

Manzanillo’s “main street really floods and cuts access to a lot of other streets. It ends up like an island,” Rodriguez said.

In Puerto Vallarta, restaurants and stores taped or boarded-up windows, and residents raced to stores for last-minute purchases ahead of the storm.

Satellite image of Hurricane Patricia, taken on Friday, Oct. 23, 2015.


The Hurricane Center in Miami warned that preparations should be rushed to completion, saying the storm could cause coastal flooding, destructive waves and flash floods.

“This is an extremely dangerous, potentially catastrophic hurricane,” center meteorologist Dennis Feltgen said.

Feltgen said Patricia also poses problems for Texas. Forecast models indicate that after the storm breaks up over land, remnants of its tropical moisture will likely combine with and contribute to heavy rainfall that is already soaking Texas independently of the hurricane, he said.

“It’s only going to make a bad situation worse,” he said.

READ MORE: Satellite photos show gigantic size of Hurricane Patricia. 

In Colima, authorities handed out sandbags to help residents protect their homes from flooding.

By early Friday, Patricia’s maximum sustained winds had increased to 200 mph (325 kph) – a Category 5 storm, the highest designation on the Saffir-Simpson scale used to quantify a hurricane’s wind strength.

Patricia was centered about 145 miles (235 kilometers) southwest of the Pacific resort of Manzanillo early Friday and was moving northwest at 12 mph (19 kph) on a projected track to come ashore between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta sometime Friday afternoon or evening.

Some fluctuations in intensity were forecast before then, but the Hurricane Center said it was expected to be an “extremely dangerous” Category 5 storm when it made landfall.

A hurricane warning was in effect for the Mexican coast from San Blas to Punta San Telmo, a stretch that includes Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta. A broader area was under hurricane watch, tropical storm warning or tropical storm watch.

The Hurricane Center said Patricia was expected to bring rainfall of 6 to 12 inches, with isolated amounts of up to 20 inches in some locations. Tropical storm conditions were expected to reach land late Thursday or early Friday, complicating any remaining preparation work at that point.

“We are calm,” said Gabriel Lopez, a worker at Las Hadas Hotel in Manzanillo. “We don’t know what direction (the storm) will take, but apparently it’s headed this way. … If there is an emergency we will take care of the people. There are rooms that are not exposed to wind or glass.”

Live updates as Hurricane Patricia comes ashore in Mexico


Dartmouth walk brings attention to cold case, violent crime – Halifax

DARTMOUTH, N.S. – Hundreds of people walked together to show unity in the face of issues of violence and crime in northern Dartmouth Wednesday evening.

“Every year, I see it grow,” said Barbara Ward, who is the aunt of Jason MacCullough.

MacCullough was murdered in a local park on Aug. 28, 1999. Halifax Regional Police said the shooting was a random act, and that the 19-year-old had not been involved in crime.

“He didn’t do anything wrong. They just took an innocent life after dark, and no rhyme or reason to it,” Ward said.

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The Dartmouth North Walk Against Violence has been held every year since MacCullough was killed.

“We are trying to mobilize the community to stand up against violence, and take back their streets,” said John Burton, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Halifax.

The gathering, which started at the Dartmouth Boys & Girls Club in the north end, attracted community leaders, residents and police.

“[MacCullough is] with me every step of the way,” said Ward, adding that her family wants the person (or people) responsible for the murder to come forward.

Participants began the walk at about 6:30 p.m., making their way to the park MacCullough died in. The park was renamed Jason MacCullough Memorial Park after his death.

“I’d like you to think about the fact that all of us have choices,” Reverend Kees Zwanenburg said to the crowd, following a moment of silence.

The participants then walked back to the club for more events.

According to police, work is still being done to solve the murder.

“No case is ever put away,” Inspector Don Moser said.


Late goal from Kane helps Sabres come from behind to beat Maple Leafs

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Evander Kane and the Buffalo Sabres brought relentless pressure Wednesday night. The payoff came just in time.

Kane tied it with 4:29 left with his first goal for Buffalo, and the Sabres came back to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 2-1 in a shootout.

“We felt we weren’t going to be shutout, and we made that happen,” Kane said.

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Kane tied it on the team’s 33rd shot when he pushed a wrister over Bernier’s shoulder. Buffalo acquired Kane from Winnipeg in February, but he was unable to play until this season after having shoulder surgery.

“We definitely deserved to win that one,” Kane said. “We worked hard for it from the start, got down early but kept battling and were able to get the victory.”

Matt Moulson and Tyler Ennis scored in the shootout, while Chad Johnson made 23 saves as Buffalo improved to 2-4.

P.A. Parenteau scored and Jonathan Bernier made 34 saves as the Maple Leafs fell to 1-3-2.

Buffalo has won six straight at home against the Leafs, part of a 16-1-1 run of home dominance against Toronto.

READ MORE: Price earns second shutout in three games, Semin scores, as Habs top Blues

Buffalo got off to a fast start, but it was Parenteau who opened the scoring when he redirected Roman Polak’s shot from the right point over Johnson’s shoulder at the 1:28 mark.

The game went to 3-on-3 overtime, where Buffalo quickly had a 3-on-1 foiled by Bernier.

Johnson made an acrobatic left pad save to stop Kadri deep into overtime, and Toronto missed two further chances to score.

“It happened so fast I was sort of in desperation mode at that point and I just stuck my leg out,” Johnson said. “You’re just sort of in the moment at that stage of the game.”

In the first, Kane picked up a loose puck to spring a 2-on-1 with rookie Jack Eichel, but elected to make a pass that was pushed away from danger.

The pair was responsible for much of the Sabres’ attack, with 13 of Buffalo’s 35 shots on goal.

“It took us to almost shot 35 to break them,” said Eichel. “And we needed that. Maybe now we’ll get on a roll, and I think this is a team that can do that.”

Bernier made a point-blank stop on Moulson during a Buffalo power play about nine minutes into the period, and then denied Kane moments later.

Off Tyler Ennis’ takeaway at the blue line, Nicolas Deslauriers put a shot past Bernier but off the cross bar.

Buffalo finished the first with a 12-6 advantage in shots.

Toronto took eight of the first nine second-period shots, but Buffalo started to find its form with Nick Spaling in the box for interfering with Johnson.

Bernier stopped five shots on the power play, including a pair of scrums near his crease.

READ MORE: Early goals by Malkin, Maata hand Penguins 2-1 victory over Maple Leafs

Buffalo took control of the third period midway through and raised the Leafs’ ire when Kane plowed through Dion Phaneuf near the blue line, dropping Toronto’s captain to the ice with a high stick.

“I don’t quite understand, we should have been on the power play four minutes in the third and we weren’t at all,” said Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock. “So that’s disappointing, but it’s also part of life.”

Ennis and Cody Franson each had chances to beat Bernier during a possession with about six minutes left, but the Toronto goaltender saved both.

Bernier said his strong performance was in response to Babcock.

“He challenged me behind the doors, too,” Bernier said. “That’s part of the job. I’ve got to be better. You’ve got to take it, you can’t take it too personally.”

NOTES: Toronto outshot Buffalo 3-1 in overtime. … The Sabres placed D Bobby Sanguinetti on waivers earlier Wednesday. … Toronto’s Jake Gardiner missed the game with a minor injury.


IN PHOTOS: CFB Wainwright Devouring Serpent military medical training

EDMONTON – Canadian Military medical teams are in action for an intense training exercise at CFB Wainwright.

The exercise is called Devouring Serpent. I was invited to take a look behind the scenes Wednesday in my role as honourary lieutenant colonel of 15 Field Ambulance.

Over 1,400 troops, men and woman, are taking part in the very realistic battle training exercise. It comes complete with simulated injuries that will occur in combat.

Troops are staying in tents on site over the next couple of weeks.

A very realistic battle training mission took place at CFB Wainwright Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Global News

A very realistic battle training mission took place at CFB Wainwright Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Global News

A very realistic battle training mission took place at CFB Wainwright Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Global News

A very realistic battle training mission took place at CFB Wainwright Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Global News

A very realistic battle training mission took place at CFB Wainwright Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Global News

A very realistic battle training mission took place at CFB Wainwright Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Global News

A very realistic battle training mission took place at CFB Wainwright Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Global News

A very realistic battle training mission took place at CFB Wainwright Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Global News

A very realistic battle training mission took place at CFB Wainwright Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Global News

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  • PHOTOS: Canadian military medical training exercise at CFB Wainwright


Blue Jays shortstop Troy Tulowitzki delivers key hit in Game 5 victory

Toronto shortstop Troy Tulowitzki has picked his spots to contribute with the bat in the playoffs. His latest effort helped extend the Blue Jays’ post-season run for at least one more game.

Tulowitzki’s bases-clearing double was the highlight of a four-run sixth inning as the Blue Jays defeated the Kansas City Royals 7-1 at Rogers Centre on Wednesday. He swatted a 98 mile-per-hour pitch from reliever Kelvin Herrera into left-centre field to bring home Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion.

“Amazing – and it was on that one swing,” said Bautista. “Tulo didn’t let that first-pitch fastball go by. He attacked it, he hit it in the gap and drove three in in a 1-0 game, an elimination game. That’s obviously by far the hit of the game.”

WATCH: ‘I think we’re all playing hard’: Jose Bautista on Blue Jays winning Game 5

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The play sent the sellout Rogers Centre crowd into a tizzy and the normally all-business Tulowitzki was fired up when he reached second base.

Tulowitzki, who homered in Toronto’s 11-8 Game 3 win, is getting hot at the right time. He was just 2-for-21 (.096 average) in the five-game divisional series win over Texas but is batting at a .368 clip in the ALCS.

READ MORE: Blue Jays crown Royals, stave off elimination

The 31-year-old shortstop has played through pain for the entire post-season after suffering a cracked shoulder blade in a game last month. It doesn’t seem to affect him on the field – his defence has been strong and he leads the team with 11 RBIs in the playoffs.

Tulowitzki has been receiving regular treatment for his sore back and shoulder and can usually be seen sporting a large ice pack in the area after each game.

“I’m good enough to go, I’ve said that all along,” he said. “I wouldn’t be out there if I wasn’t. Any time you’re out there, do whatever you can to win. Lately I’ve been putting good swings. It’s a tough game.

“Sometimes you go through some rough patches, sometimes you swing the bat well. Lately I’ve been (making) better swings.”

READ MORE: Bautista’s 10-pitch at-bat helps set up big inning in Blue Jays’ win

Tulowitzki also singled and scored an insurance run in the eighth inning to finish 2-for-4 on the day. His three-run double was the first in the team’s playoff history.


Target begins shipping to Canadian households through its website

TORONTO – Target Corp. is returning to Canada, but not with the splashy fanfare of its previous arrival.

The U.S. discount chic retailer has quietly opened an international website that gives Canadian shoppers the option of ordering products that will ship over the border.

But shopping at Target won’t come cheap because online orders face a list of extra charges, including duties and taxes as well as shipping fees.

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  • ‘Why are they hurting the ladies?’: Porn plays over speakers at San Jose Target

  • Target launches online grocery shopping for U.S. customers

  • Here’s how Nordstrom is avoiding a Target-style collapse in Canada

“It is part of a test and we will have more details to share in the near future,” said spokesman Jamie Bastian in an emailed statement to .

The international website is being operated by Borderfree, a company that specializes in helping retailers sell products around the world, and will charge local shoppers in Canadian dollars.

MORE: Complete coverage of Target’s collapse in Canada

Several things have changed in the Canadian retail industry since Target closed its stores here earlier in the year.

A wave of high-end U.S. retailers are in the midst of opening department stores across the country while big chains like Walmart and Best Buy Canada have been expanding product selection on their websites.

Other factors have made crossborder shopping less appealing, including the value of the loonie, which has dropped about 10 cents US to just over 76 cents US since the start of the year.

Target Corp. announced in January that would close its 133 Canadian stores and leave the country after deciding it would take years to turn a profit.

Lawyers for the company are still in Canadian courts ironing out some of the final details of the company’s windup.

WATCH ABOVE: Is it art? A cultural commentary? Perhaps both? Emily Mertz has more about a crowd-sourcing photography project.

Hope abounds for Blue Jays fans after Game 5 victory over Royals

TORONTO – Spirits were high in the streets of Toronto after the Blue Jays stayed alive in the American League Championship Series.

Fans poured out of Rogers Centre chanting “Let’s Go Jays!” or “Tu-lo” for all-star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki on Wednesday night after the Blue Jays routed the Kansas City Royals 7-1 in Game 5 of the best-of-seven ALCS. The Royals now lead the series 3-2 as it heads back to Kansas City.

READ MORE: Blue Jays crown Royals, stave off elimination

Brendan Engdahl, visiting Toronto from Calgary with his father and friends for the game, couldn’t hide his excitement.

“Best experience ever, and I’ve got two kids,” said Engdahl, who describes himself as a hardcore Blue Jays fan. “Chance of a lifetime.”

WATCH: Blue Jays avoid elimination after winning Game 5 against Royals

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Toronto’s chances of making its first World Series since 1993 took a severe hit after a 14-2 loss to the Royals on Tuesday night, putting the Blue Jays down 3-1 in the ALCS. But fans remained optimistic — and very loud — throughout Game 5 as starting pitcher Marco Estrada dominated the potent Kansas City lineup.

“It was the best game ever,” said Emiline Layfield, a Toronto native, who’s been a Blue Jays fan since they won the 1993 World Series. “Honestly, since the beginning of the game I could tell it was going to be a win.

“Best atmosphere, great atmosphere.”

READ MORE: Blue Jays shortstop Troy Tulowitzki delivers key hit in Game 5 victory

Ace David Price is expected to start for Toronto in Game 6 on Friday in Kansas City and fans outside Rogers Centre had no doubt that he would help the Blue Jays to a decisive Game 7.

READ MORE: Bautista’s 10-pitch at-bat helps set up big inning in Blue Jays’ win

“With this energy, they’ll carry it through,” said Layfield after her first live Blue Jays game since she was five years old.

“One game at a time, but Game 6, since you ask, yeah we’re going to win,” said Father Jeff Stone, an Anglican priest who wore his clerical collar underneath a Blue Jays jersey with eyeblack on his cheeks.


Bautista’s 10-pitch at-bat helps set up big inning in Blue Jays’ win

TORONTO – Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista wasn’t sure if an 83-mile per hour curveball from Kansas City’s Edinson Volquez had sailed just wide of the strike zone for Ball 4 in the sixth inning Wednesday.

But when home plate umpire Dan Iassongna called it a ball, Bautista gladly took his base.

“I wasn’t (confident I’d get the call), but I did,” Bautista said. “I was relieved after.”

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The pitch, the 10th Bautista had seen from the Royals starter in the at-bat, loaded the bases with nobody out for Toronto en route to a 7-1 win in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series.

READ MORE: Blue Jays crown Royals, stave off elimination

A walk to Edwin Encarnacion followed Bautista’s free pass and Troy Tulowitzki cleared the bases with a double two batters later to give the Blue Jays a 5-0 lead.

Bautista, who’s 10 for 37 this playoffs with two home runs and eight RBIs, leads all post-season players with eight walks and has a 10-game on-base streak to start his playoff career.

His sixth-inning walk wasn’t an easy one to take — Bautista fouled off five straight sinkers from Volquez that ranged in velocity from 96-98 m.p.h. before Ball 4 missed the outside corner.

READ MORE: Blue Jays shortstop Troy Tulowitzki delivers key hit in Game 5 victory

“I was just trying to see the ball and hit it when it was through the zone,” he said. “I was in between, that’s why I kept fouling them off. … I was trying to be careful. That curveball he threw me, it was a good one, it was pretty close.

“You could argue that I got the benefit of a borderline call. Bottom line is I ended up on first and Tulo came through.”

The Royals weren’t sure the walk was warranted.

WATCH: Blue Jays avoid elimination after winning Game 5 against Royals

Kansas City manager Ned Yost said after the game that he tried to get an appeal on Bautista’s check swing, but the umpires couldn’t hear him over the loud Rogers Centre crowd.

Volquez was adamant the pitch wasn’t a ball.

“I saw the pitch and that was a strike,” he said. “A breaking ball doesn’t have to be right in the middle (when it’s caught). What matters is where it was when it crosses the plate.”

As the series shifts back to Kansas City on Friday for Game 6 with the Royals up 3-2, Bautista said he’s not about to alter his approach at the plate.

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“I want to make something happen, especially with men on base, but I’ve got to be patient enough to swing at strikes,” he said. “It’s a tough act, balancing that out.

“I’m not going to change anything. I’m just going to continue with my plate discipline and hopefully force them to throw strikes.”