Attack of 73-year-old veteran over wallet caught on camera

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California police officers are searching for a woman who attacked a 73-year-old man on camera when he refused to surrender his wallet.

Victor Bejarano was in an AutoZone parking lot in Fresno Saturday when he was approached by an unidentified woman.

“When she asked me for the wallet I just said no way, I’m not going to give you my wallet,” Bejarano told KSEE.

Surveillance footage shows the vet try and push the woman away only for her to keep coming.

“[I was] trying to get that girl away from me. That’s all. I didn’t want to hit her. I didn’t want to punch her. I didn’t want to do none of that,” he added.

The scuffle continued within the store when the woman followed Bejarano inside. She continued to harass him as he reached the exit – at which point a witness informed her that police had been contacted and she walked away.

Police continue to look for the suspect. They describe her as being in her 20’s, approximately 5’8″ weighing 200 pounds and driving an older green Ford Explorer with mismatched rims.


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