Calgary Colts remember dead football star Brock Ramias

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Tributes continue to pour in for 20-year-old Brock Ramias, whose body was found in a Lethbridge park on Monday. His former Calgary Colts teammates are still trying to come to grips with losing their friend and brother. Sarolta Saskiw reports. 

CALGARY – He was known as a beast on the football field, but friends describe Brock Ramias as a guy with “the biggest” heart.

The body of the 20-year-old was found in Kinsmen Park in south Lethbridge on Monday.


News of his sudden death devastated his former Calgary Colts football team.

“It seems just like yesterday we were competing out here,” said friend Andy MacDonald. “He’s just one of those guys you just want to be around and you could tell he had pure heart.”

Conner Robinson grew up with Ramias, describing him as on this his closest friends, his brother.

“He was in the gym all the time, always working out and came across as kind of a meat head,” he added. “But, he was a really internal guy.”

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Ramias was willing to stand up for teammates who looked up to him as a role model – that is how Serge Archambault remembers his old friend.

“He would do anything for anybody,” explained the offensive lineman. “He was a good man and we’re going to remember him forever and every good thing he has done for everyone, and the smiles and laughs he’s put on everyone’s face.”

From left to right: Serge Archambault, Conner Robinson, Andy MacDonald and Brock Ramias.

Tausha Robinson / submitted

Conner Robinson and Brock Ramias.

Tausha Robinson / submitted

Brock Ramias on far right with team after game.

Tausha Robinson / submitted

Brock Ramias on far left with friends.

Tausha Robinson / submitted

Head coach Matthew Blokker said Ramias was a quiet guy, always putting his all into every game and practice. There’s one thing he said the star athlete could not live without.

“He loved his monster drinks. Everyday at practice, coming down here walking I would see him and say ‘hi’ to him and he would just nod his head and pound his monster drink and get to work.”

Autopsy results have determined Ramias’ death was non-criminal in nature. Toxicology results are pending.

The Calgary Colts are currently preparing for the Prairie Football Conference Championship game on Sunday, which they have dedicated to their fallen teammate and friend, hoping to honour him with a victory.

Thu, Oct 22 : The Calgary Colts are mourning the loss of a former player found dead in Lethbridge. As Brendan Parker explains this weekend the team will play in honour of Brock Ramias.


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