Caught on Camera: Texas EMS saves drowning boy’s life during training exercise

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In one shocking moment, a training exercise became all too real for one Texas EMS commander.

And thanks to the GoPro camera he was wearing at the time, viewers can go with with him as he proves in a frenzied minute what all the training is for.

According to a press release from the Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, the incident occurred on Monday, October 5th at Prince Solms Park in New Braunfels, Texas.



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Special Operations Commander Craig Smith was teaching the Swiftwater Awareness safety course to a recently graduated Cadet Academy class when he noticed a young boy fall off his inner tube in the fast-moving waters.

“This kid comes down and he falls off his tube immediately,” Smith told ABC-13 News. “And [he] goes down. When he came up, he was actually looking straight at us and he had this look of panic on his face. His hair was down over his face and he was clawing for air, he was trying to get up.”

Noticing the developing danger, Smith jumped into the water and swam to the young boy’s location just as he slipped under the water.

With the boy secured in his arms and breathing, Smith used a rope to pull himself back to shore.

According to the ATC-EMS, the boy was unharmed in the near-drowning and was quickly reunited with his parents. The agency is using this incredible close-call to emphasize the important of water-based first aid training.

“While the incident had a positive outcome, it also provided valuable reinforcement of the intent and lessons learned in water safety training for the new cadets,” a statement from the agency reads.


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