Drinking water advisory issued for areas north of Moose Jaw; Regina safe

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UPDATE: The village of Disley ran out of reserve water supplies on Wednesday. An email was sent out to residents explaining the situation on Wednesday afternoon, but some say they did not know the village was using reserve water. As of 9 p.m., village staff are working to address the issue. The mayor declined requests for an interview.


UPDATE: SaskPower has restored power to the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant and the pumping station is now running once again. The drinking water advisory is still in effect for areas north of Moose Jaw.

REGINA – The City of Regina is now using its backup reservoirs and wells after a power failure shut down the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant’s lake pumping station.

The station was shut down at 2 p.m. on Tuesday due to a power failure caused by a pole malfunction.

During the shutdown of the plant the city is using its reservoirs and has activated wells to supplement them. The City of Regina said they currently have enough clean and safe water to supply the city during the shutdown.

Residents may notice a difference in water clarity over the next few days as the well water works its way through the well system.

The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant supplies water to Regina and Moose Jaw as well as a number of surrounding communities.

The people who are mostly affected by this will be people in rural areas that do not have a way to clean their water supply and they are recommended to boil their water before use.

This includes farmers and industry on Sask Water’s north and west potable systems.

Sask Water said the village of Disley is also now under the precautionary boil water advisory, as they ran out of chlorinated water this morning.

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