Drywall hammer or hammer-type instrument likely killed Richard Oland: police

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SAINT JOHN, N.B. – We now know the weapon Saint John police believe was used in the murder of well known businessman Richard Oland more than four years ago.

The second degree murder trial of Richard Oland’s 47-year-old son, Dennis, continued Thursday.

Direct examination of Constable Stephen Davidson, the lead investigator in the case, continued with lead prosecutor P.J. Veniot asking about the searches that were carried out. Police were looking for an iPhone which was missing from the crime scene as well as a murder weapon.


Davidson testified to dive teams being used to search the Renforth wharf and Kennebecasis Yacht club areas. The iPhone and murder weapon were never found but Davidson did say what police speculated was used to kill Richard Oland.

He said it was likely a drywall hammer or a hammer-type instrument.

The trial has heard Richard Oland suffered more than forty five blows to his body, with most of those to the head area.  Earlier testimony stated some of Oland’s wounds were round and textured and others were sharp incise wounds. The severity of the attack left a massive blood pool as well as hundreds of blood spatter stains in his 52 Canterbury Street office.

Davidson also told the court of the many test calls he made in March of 2012 with a phone he was issued similar to Richard Oland’s iPhone 4. It was to see which cell towers in the city the phone would communicate with.

The calls were made in the uptown area, as well as other parts of the city and Rothesay.

The proceedings came to an early end today as lawyers had to deal with various issues this afternoon.

The trial will resume Friday morning.

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