Montreal taxi industry may see a rate increase in 2016

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MONTREAL – It may be getting a little more expensive to take a taxi in Montreal.

The Quebec Transport Commission (CTQ), which regulates the taxi industry, has proposed a rate increase on taxi fares for 2016.

“If we go along with what’s suggested by the taxi index, the overall increase of a standard taxi trip would be around 3.2 per cent,” said Guy Mailhot, a spokesperson for the CTQ.



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The start charge for a taxi would jump from $3.45 to $3.55.

The price per minute would go from $1.70  to $1.75 and the price per kilometre would rise from $0.63 to $0.66.

Several taxi associations agreed with the rate increase – but only for night drivers.

“We thought about the night shift. In any job on earth when you work at night, you’re payed little a bit more for the night shift because it’s harder work,” said Kamal Sabbah from the Montreal Taxi Owners Association.

Meanwhile, Uber announced it would be dropping its prices by as much as 20 per cent.

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The company says the cost to take an UberX from downtown Montreal to Trudeau Airport is 50 per cent cheaper than the cost of a cab.

“On UberX, it will be on average between $20-$23 to go the airport from downtown,” said Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, Uber Quebec’s General Manager. “So if we consider a taxi flat fare, is about 40$ plus tip, it’s about 50% cheaper than a taxi.”

Uber says it’s proud to offer cheap, affordable transportation to Montrealers.

But the Montreal Taxi Association says Uber’s cheaper because it’s not playing by the rules.

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“They don’t do nothing that we do,” said Sabbah. “They don’t pay taxes, they don’t pay commercial insurance, they don’t do inspections every 6 months like we do.”

The Quebec Transport Commission says nothing is settled right now.

It’s expected to come to a final decision by the end of November.


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