Dogs seized from North Preston home one step closer to finding furever homes – Halifax

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Twenty-four American Staffordshire Terriers that were seized from a home in North Preston will soon be on their way to adopted homes, as the Nova Scotia SPCA has been awarded legal custody of the dogs.

All of the dogs are doing good since being taken into SPCA care. “They had a little bit of a road to go through with veterinary care, they had a lot of parasites, but they’re all doing very well,” NS SCPA cruelty investigator Jo Anne Landsburg told Global News.

Once the dogs are spayed and neutered, they be available for adoption.

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“That’s part of the SPCA’s mandate that we get everybody spayed and neutered, as soon as that is done, we’ll be looking for permanent homes for them.”

Twenty-four dogs, many of them only puppies, were taken from a home where they were living in deplorable conditions earlier this month. The SPCA reported they had been living in an “extremely unsanitary” shelter that had no protection from heat or cold, and was filled with excrement.

Originally, the NS SPCA reported that 25 dogs were seized from the home, however they confirmed today there were only 24 actually taken.

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“We’re happy we were able to ensure the safety of these animals, and we’re encouraged that the Appeal Board has endorsed the NS SPCA’s handling of what is a complicated, but important facet of our mandate,” Landsburg said.

Once the dogs are socialized, spayed and neutered they will all be put up for adoption.

Natasha Pace/Global News

This month old puppy is just learning to walk, but will also soon be participating in the WOOF Program.

Natasha Pace/Global News

The SPCA says all the dogs that were seized are doing wonderful.

Natasha Pace/Global News

One of the puppies taken from a home in North Preston.

Natasha Pace/Global News

The owners of the dogs, Makell and Warren Cain are charged with violating the Animal Protection Act and are scheduled to appear in court on November 17.

READ MORE: Seizure of 25 dogs from North Preston house leads to charges under Animal Protection Act

Community Pups

Since being taken into SCPA care, nine of the two-month old puppies have been participating in the Working On Our Future (WOOF) canine therapy program at the Burnside Correctional Facility.

“They were pretty frightened and unsocialized when we brought them in, but the word that we’ve had from over there is that they’re doing wonderful,” said Sandra Flemming, provincial animal care director with the SPCA.

The dogs are being socialized with the help of inmates, professional trainers and corrections officers. They’re taught basic commands and given basic training to help make their transition easier when they’re adopted.

“They get full obedience and then they come back and they’re just, we call them add water puppies, because they come back and they’re so well trained and ready to go to their forever homes. People really love the fact that they have all they’re basic commands and they’re good to go,” said Flemming.

The NS SPCA thanks the public for its generous donations of supplies since hearing about the dogs, but says they still need money to help with spaying and neutering each of the dogs before they can be adopted.

To learn more about the NS SPCA, or to make a donation that would help these and other animals, visit spcans长沙夜网.

If you witness an act of animal cruelty, the SPCA asks that you contact their confidential hotline at: 1 (888) 703-7722.

-With files from Natasha Pace.


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SPVM ramps up pedestrian safety campaign after 9 fatal accidents

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MONTREAL – It sounds so simple: look both ways before you cross the street, but it’s a message that Montreal Police are making sure gets through.

Wednesday morning they promoted their awareness campaign for the dangers of left hand turns on green lights.

The move comes after nine fatal accidents so far this year.

“We always pay attention to the people that die and of course that is the most serious ones, but what about the ones that are seriously injured?” said Montreal police spokesperson André Durocher.

“We’ve had over a thousand injuries like that at intersections so it’s a major preoccupation for us and most of them can be easily avoided by paying attention to our behaviour around intersections.”

In two months this year, pedestrians were hit by left-turning cars 75 times.

While today’s blitz was focused on informing both drivers and pedestrians, police say that often times people are oblivious to danger.

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    The SPVM is recruiting

  • Remember to drive safely in school zones, says SPVM

    SPVM vigilance

    Pedestrian hit by car in Mile End

“Walking and texting which we call now ‘wexting’. It makes pedestrians totally oblivious to the environment and sometimes forgetting the fact that they’ll even add an iPod to the equation which makes it all the more dangerous,” he said.

Officers were handing out flyers with information today, even to Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin.

No matter who is at fault it’s often pedestrians who are impacted the most.

“Road safety is like the food chain. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable, then the cyclists, then the vehicles then large trucks are also a preoccupation for us,” said Durocher.

Not only is it dangerous but it can cost you. Fines for not giving the right of way range from $186 for motorists to $48 for pedestrians.


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U.S. VP Joe Biden says he won’t run for president in 2016

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WASHINGTON – Vice President Joe Biden will not run for president in 2016, he said Wednesday, ending a months-long flirtation with a third White House campaign and setting him on a glide path toward the end of his decades-long political career.

Biden’s decision finalizes the Democratic field of White House candidates and likely bolsters Hillary Rodham Clinton’s standing as the front-runner by sparing her a challenge from the popular vice president.

“Unfortunately, I believe we’re out of time,” Biden said, flanked by President Barack Obama in the Rose Garden.

WATCH: Joe Biden announces he will not seek Democratic nomination for President

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Encouraged by Democrats seeking an alternative to Clinton, Biden had spent the past several months deeply engaged in discussions with his family and political advisers about entering the primary.

Yet as the deliberations dragged on, Democrats began publicly questioning whether it was too late for him to run, a notion that hardened after Clinton’s strong performance in last week’s Democratic debate.

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In the end, Biden decided the timing was too late. He also was still grieving over the death of his son, former Delaware Attorney Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in May.

Wednesday’s announcement was a letdown for Biden supporters who had pleaded with him to run, and in increasingly loud tones as his deliberations dragged on through the summer and into the fall.

For months, the 72-year-old Democrat made front pages and appeared on cable news screens as pundits mused about his prospects and Clinton’s perceived vulnerability.

A super political action committee, Draft Biden, formed with the explicit goal of getting him into the race.

READ MORE: Clinton used private email while the State Department’s cyber security suffered on her watch

At the White House, aides and longtime Biden loyalists had prepared for his potential bid, putting together a campaign-in-waiting ready to move fast should he decide to jump into the race.

Last week one of those aides, former Sen. Ted Kaufman, wrote an email to former Biden staffers laying out the potential rationale for a Biden run and promising a decision soon.

WATCH: Biden calls for end divisive politics, cooperation on issues like medicine and defence

Biden and his team had lined up potential staff and enlisted donors willing to help; Biden spoke personally to many supporters.

As speculation about his plans reached a fever pitch, Biden kept up an intense schedule of public appearances, seemingly testing his own stamina for an exhausting presidential campaign.

READ MORE: Trudeau tells Obama he’s sticking to plan to wind down Canada’s Mideast combat

But as speculation swirled, Biden broadcast his reluctance to run amid doubts that he and his family were emotionally ready in the wake of Beau Biden’s death.

In a September appearance on The Late Show, Biden told comedian Stephen Colbert he was still experiencing moments of uncontrollable grief that he deemed unacceptable for a presidential aspirant. “Sometimes it just overwhelms you,” he said, foreshadowing his ultimate decision.

Biden would have faced substantial logistically challenges in deciding to mount a campaign this late in the primary process.

Both Clinton and Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders have been in the race since April — giving them a powerful head start in fundraising, volunteers, endorsements and voter outreach.

Democratic operatives and donors already committed to Clinton would likely have had to defect to Biden in order for him to have viable shot at the nomination.

WATCH: Joe Biden reflects on his life in public service

Having decided against a final presidential campaign, Biden now approaches the end of his long career in politics.

READ MORE: Emotional Biden says he’s unsure he could fully commit to presidency

A month after being elected to the Senate in 1972 at age 29, Biden’s wife and baby daughter died when their car collided with a tractor-trailer. Biden considered relinquishing his seat, but instead was sworn in at the hospital where his sons, Beau and Hunter, were recovering.

Over six terms in the Senate, he rose in the ranks to become chairman of the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations committees, developing broad expertise in global affairs and reputation for a plainspoken, unpredictable approach to politics.

Biden twice ran for president. His most recent attempt in 2008 ended after he garnered less than 1 percent in the Iowa caucuses. His first run in 1987 ended even quicker, following allegations he plagiarized in some speeches from a British politician.

He has not yet detailed his post-White House plans, but has told friends he has no plans to “retire” in a traditional sense. Although unlikely to again seek elected office, friends and aides say Biden has previously discussed starting a foundation, launching an institute at the University of Delaware or taking on a role as a special envoy and elder statesman if called upon by future presidents.


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Saskatoon Blades hand the Edmonton Oil Kings 5th straight loss

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EDMONTON – Nik Amundrud made 37 saves and Wyatt Sloboshan scored 1:16 into overtime as the Saskatoon Blades held on to defeat the host Edmonton Oil Kings 3-2 on Tuesday in Western Hockey League action. Nikita Soshnin and Cameron Hebig built the Blades (4-2-3) a 2-0 lead before Edmonton stormed back to force extra time.

Brandon Baddock and Lane Bauer scored for the Oil Kings (3-6-2), who are on a five-game slide.

Edmonton’s Alec Dillon kicked out 15-of-18 shots in a losing cause.

READ MORE: Saskatoon Blades defence is improving

Saskatoon went 0 for 4 on the power play while the Oil Kings failed to score on three chances with the man advantage.

The Blades are back on the ice Wednesday when they take on the Rebels in Red Deer.

With files from Global News

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  • Brandon Wheat Kings hand Saskatoon Blades 4-1 loss

  • Saskatoon Blades edge Swift Current Broncos 6-5

  • Swift Current Broncos blank Saskatoon Blades 5-0


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Catch the International Space Station over your house

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It’s an orbiting laboratory that is, on average, home to six human beings and, this week, you can see it for yourself.

The International Space Station (ISS) will be passing over Canada over the next week.

READ MORE: WATCH: NASA releases 4K timelapse of space station move

The station’s orbital track changes from time to time, which is why it’s not always visible.

From Wednesday to Sunday, you can pop outside to see the bright station pass ahead.

To find out when, you can visit either NASA’s Spot the Station site, or visit HeavensAbove长沙桑拿. Spot the Station allows you to sign up for alerts when the station will be passing in your area.

So where to look?

An example of the information you’ll receive using NASA’s Spot the Station site.


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  • SpaceX launches resupply mission to space station (and it has an espresso machine)

  • WATCH: Astronauts place GoPro camera in water bubble on space station

  • NASA astronauts taste veggies grown in space for first time

First, you should know that, when referring to the sky, astronomers use degrees. The rule is that one degree is roughly the width of your pinky finger at arm’s length. Five degrees is the width of your three middle fingers (index to ring) held at arm’s length. Ten degrees is approximately the width of your fist held at arm’s length.

You’ll see that you’re given the maximum height. Remember that 90 degrees is right above you, called the zenith. Now it tells you when it appears and disappears and in what direction.

You see in the images above that for Oct. 19 the station first appears 58 degrees above the horizon in the northwest. Just look to the northwest (remember the fist rule) roughly six fist widths above the northwestern horizon.

You might not notice it right away, but as it approaches, you’re sure to see it. It looks like a fairly slow-moving plane moving across the sky. It can vary in brightness night after night and sometimes will even increase in brightness as it passes. This is caused as sunlight reflects off the station.

On average the ISS is about 350 km above Earth.

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Owner ‘disgusted’ after OPP officers allegedly ran over and shot dog in Collingwood, Ont.

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TORONTO —; The owner of a dog that was allegedly run over by Ontario Provincial Police officers multiple times and then shot in Collingwood, Ont. Monday says she is “disgusted.”

Karen Sutherland, the owner of the 21-year-old German Shepherd-cattle dog mix named Merrick, told Global News she is still recovering from the incident.

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“I’m kind of in shock right now, I’m having a hard time dealing with not only that she’s gone but just the way she went —; it’s makes me just feel really, really bad for her,” Sutherland said.

“She was awesome, she was my sidekick. Everyone knew where Karen went, Merrick went. She was a sweet dog, never bit anyone, no aggression, she loves all animals, loves all dogs. She’s never, ever been a problem at all.”

Footage of the incident, which happened in a residential neighbourhood, has since gone viral after a witness posted it on Facebook Monday.

“Look he’s hitting it again. Oh my God. He just ran the coyote over,” a woman is heard saying in the video. The animal was originally thought to be a coyote but OPP confirmed it was a dog on Wednesday.

Sarah Leggett, the woman who posted the video recorded by a neighbour, said the incident took place around 10:30 p.m. ET. on election night.

“Horrible! I couldn’t believe it,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Sutherland said Merrick was in great shape physically, but was deaf and had declining eyesight. The dog had gone missing after a storm had uprooted a fence in Sutherland’s yard, which is how the dog escaped.

“We looked around for her and looked around for her and so we just went to bed and left the gate open because she’s not the kind of dog that would stray,” she said.

“So then I left the next morning and a friend of mine said that he had heard about a coyote getting hit by a car and then shot and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, maybe that was Merrick.’ So I called them and was waiting for a response.

“But I thought maybe a cop accidentally hit her because it was rainy out and had to shoot her, I didn’t realize that the officer actually ran over her a couple of times on purpose so upon seeing that, (I was) just really upset about the way that she went like that —; it’s just heartbreaking for me.”

Sutherland said police told her the officers were following proper protocol and that they will be speaking with her about the incident at a later time.

Global News has since learned through police sources that taking down an animal with the use of a vehicle is not considered proper police protocol.

“I’ve heard that he’s a dog owner as well and he feels really bad so I don’t know, I just think the whole thing is really, really crappy,” she said.

“The worst case scenario that you could really possibly have to have your dog go missing and then get run over by a police officer.”

Sutherland said she’s trying not to get too angry about the tragic death of her dog, adding that she would become overwhelmed with anger unless she tried to stay positive.

“I’m very upset about it, I’m just trying to be realistic and I’m not going to drag it out and ruin someone else’s life,” she said.

“I’m just disgusted and I just wish it didn’t happen because it kind of just, it’s just something that’s always going to be with me —; the memory of that’s how my dog went after having her for that many years.”

News of the incident soon spread on social media with many calling the action cruel and inappropriate.

Police had initially said in a media release that the animal was a coyote and officers were responding to a report that it was aggressive and possibly rabid.

But OPP Acting Sergeant Lynda Cranney confirmed on Wednesday the animal was in fact a dog and an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Police had said the animal posed a danger to the public and other animals in the community, but did not clarify as to why the officers chose to run it over.

Sutherland said that despite losing her dog, she doesn’t want to see the officers punished too severely.

“I think that they’re having enough bad on them and I think something like this, if ever this did arise I don’t think it would happen again,” she said, adding that she hoped the police received more education for dealing with similar situations in the future.

The Ontario SPCA, who handles animal cruelty cases, said they are aware of the situation and has reached out to the OPP on the matter.

“The OPP has the same jurisdiction as the Ontario SPCA. The matter is in their hands at this time,” said OSPCA Inspector Brad Dewar.

An animal protection group said it is calling for a cruelty investigation into the death.

“We didn’t want to think this was real when it was sent to us,” says Michael Howie, spokesperson for The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals.

“But it is irrefutable at this point – the officer did in fact run over what we have been told was a coyote multiple times prior to using his sidearm to kill him in a more humane fashion.”

The group said cutbacks to Ministry of Natural Resources and downloading of responsibility is causing authorities to use other means to deal with wildlife calls.

“Police officers are highly trained and typically responsible individuals,” Howie added. “But their mandate should not include responding to wildlife calls.”

Questions were also raised earlier this summer when York Regional Police shot and killed a black bear wandering in a Newmarket, Ont. neighbourhood north of Toronto.

READ MORE: Misconceptions and fear led to black bear’s death in Newmarket says expert

Police said they had no choice but to shoot the bear after it was cornered in a backyard and officers were waiting for Ministry of Natural Resources staff to arrive.

Many people took to social media to express their outrage over the bear’s death and to criticize police for not trying to subdue the animal first.

VIDEO: Aerial footage captured by a Global News helicopter shows the moment a police officer moved in and shot a black bear in the backyard of a Newmarket home. The bear eventually laid motionless under a tree. NOTE: No audio.

With files from Mark Carcasole


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Police officer filmed allegedly punching man outside Ottawa Salvation Army

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Ottawa police have launched an internal investigation after an officer was captured on video allegedly punching a man in the face outside of a local homeless shelter.

The incident occurred outside of the Salvation Army on George Street at about 4 p.m. ET on Monday and the video was posted to LiveLeak长沙桑拿 on Tuesday.

Const. Chuck Benoit confirmed that Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau had authorized the probe, but said there would be no further comment because the matter is now subject to an ongoing investigation.

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READ MORE: Montreal cop to be disciplined for freezing threat

The clip is brief and grainy, showing an officer standing over a man laying prone on the sidewalk. The men appear to exchange a few words and suddenly the officer punches the man on the sidewalk in the face, snapping his head back toward the pavement. A second short clip shows the officer walking back to his vehicle.

There is no indication what happened in the minutes leading up to the physical attack, or what the conflict was about.

An unnamed source who was reportedly at the scene told CBC News that the man had been yelling racial slurs at the officer who allegedly threw the punch. Those reports have not been confirmed.

Benoit said both officers on the tape had been identified but their names are not being released. The department is asking anyone with information to contact them.

The Salvation Army and the person who filmed the incident were not immediately available for comment. The president of the Ottawa Police Association, the union representing the officers, was also not available for comment.

Incidents involving alleged police misbehaviour caught on cellphone cameras have become more frequent in recent years.

Last winter, an officer in Montreal was caught threatening to tie a homeless man to a post in frigid weather.

In 2013, three officers in Ottawa were filmed forcing an aggressive man to the ground in the ByWard Market.

The video showed one officer punching the man in the upper body and head area as many as a dozen times while he was being held down.

The Ottawa Police Professional Standards Section investigated, but found that there was no evidence to support any charges against the officers involved.


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Chris Rock to host 88th Academy Awards

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TORONTO – Comedian and actor Chris Rock will return to host the Oscars for the second time, the Academy announced Wednesday.

Rock, 50, will take to the stage on Feb. 28, 2016 as host of the 88th Academy Awards. Rock previously hosted in 2005.

Rock tweeted “Look who’s back, #Oscars.”

“Chris Rock is truly the MVP of the entertainment industry,” said Oscar producers David Hill and Reginald Hudlin in a statement. “Comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, documentarian – he’s done it all. He’s going to be a phenomenal Oscar host!”

In the statement, Rock said: “It’s great to be back.”

Celebrities took to 桑拿会所 to congratulate Rock, including last year’s Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris.

Take a look:

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Edmonton soldier injured during live-fire training at CFB Wainwright

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EDMONTON — A military member was taken to an Edmonton hospital Monday after being injured during nighttime live-fire training in Wainwright, Alta.

The Canadian Armed Forces has not released further details on how the member was injured or the extent of injuries, although the armed forces did say the soldier did contact family after the injury.

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  • PHOTOS: Canadian military medical training exercise at CFB Wainwright

  • UPDATE: Military veteran charged with weapons-related offences following incident at Wainwright base

READ MORE: Canadian soldier dies following accident during training exercise in Wainwright

The incident is being treated as a training accident and an investigation is taking place.

“The Canadian Armed Forces takes training accidents extremely seriously and this incident is being fully investigated in order to reduce future risk.  In the meantime our thoughts are with the soldier and his family for a speedy recovery,” said Brigadier-General Wayne Eyre, commander of 3rd Canadian Division and Joint Task Force West.

READ MORE: CFB Wainwright accident: LAV III has a history of rollovers

The soldier is with the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Edmonton. The base in Wainwright is about 200 kilometres southeast of Edmonton.


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Saskatchewan strengthens farmland laws to ward off foreign investors

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REGINA – Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart has introduced amendments to Saskatchewan’s farm security legislation that will make pension plans and their administrators ineligible from owning farmland in the province.

All financing for a farmland purchase will also have to be through a financial institution registered to do business in Canada or by a Canadian resident.

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  • Overwhelming majority reject foreign ownership of Sask. farmland

“If a foreign financial institution or individual loaned the money to purchase the farmland and then subsequently foreclosed, that foreign entity would be the owner of the farmland, so I think that’s where the concern comes with foreign financing,” Stewart said Tuesday.

MORE: The next target for foreign investors? Canadian farmland, report warns 

The changes come after almost nine out of every 10 people who responded to a government survey said they didn’t want the province’s farmland to end up in foreign hands.

Eighty-seven per cent of the more than 3,200 respondents said they didn’t support foreign ownership and 75 per cent said they were opposed to allowing investors such as Canadian pension funds to purchase farmland.

Farmers had raised concerns about loopholes they said allowed investors to drive up rents and farmland prices in the province.

The Farm Land Security Board will also get tougher powers to enforce the rules.

“There’s a belief that some transactions were slipping under the radar, transactions that would be illegal, and that the Farm Land Security Board couldn’t stop them,” said Stewart.

MORE: Seeds of crisis? Historic boom in farmland raises red flags

The question of who can own farmland in Saskatchewan prompted a spirited debate that was sparked after the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board started buying up farms in 2013. The rules currently don’t allow institutional investors to own Saskatchewan farmland and limit foreign ownership to four hectares, but the investment board’s structure made it eligible.

“While they have purchased some farmland, we will not be ordering divestiture since at the time that they purchased it, the purchase was legal,” said Stewart.

“They would not be eligible to purchase farmland again.”

Ray Orb, president of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, says the big concern was around so-called mega-farms that weren’t locally owned. He believes the changes to the legislation will help protect communities.

“We see our small communities dwindling,” said Orb.

“We’ve had that actually happen in our community of Cupar, where we had foreign-land ownership and it kind of decimated our community because people weren’t moving there. They were sending the money out of the country.

“And so we want people to move there, to bring their kids with them, to expand the schools and to keep the hospitals running.”

The legislation still has to be passed, but the new rules are expected to come into effect by next year.

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