Elementary teachers’ pay could be docked if work-to-rule expanded: Wynne

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TORONTO – Ontario elementary teachers and some support staff will have their pay docked if they don’t stop their work-to-rule campaigns, the premier announced Friday, as the elementary teachers threatened to withdraw from extracurriculars.

Bargaining with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario and the unions representing some support staff will resume after representatives met Friday with Premier Kathleen Wynne. She has given them until Nov. 1 to stop their work-to-rule campaigns or they will face sanctions.


“Children’s lives are being negatively affected, so parents and families are understandably frustrated,” Wynne said. “Schools are increasingly dirty and activities that are important to students and parents such as completion of report cards are not taking place.”

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The school boards have requested consent from the government to dock the pay of teachers and staff who are withdrawing services.

The government won’t give that permission until Nov. 1, which would then trigger five days’ notice of the impending action, Wynne said.

“If by Nov. 1 one of two things has not happened, then government will give permission: either tentative agreements are reached and all job actions are stopped, or all job actions are stopped and do not resume as talks continue.”

Wynne said she hopes deals can be reached by then because “eight days is a long time in the world of bargaining.” The government is not considering imposing contracts, she said.

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ETFO president Sam Hammond said his members won’t respond to threats. They’re not backing down from their extracurricular withdrawal next week even though bargaining is resuming, he said.

Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown called Wynne’s deadline a “distraction” from controversy surrounding a $2.5-million payout to teachers’ unions – the ones the government has already reached deals with – to compensate for extra costs during lengthy negotiations.

“They know that it’s being widely decried around the province on every talk radio, every newspaper and TV show,” he said. “People are upset with the government. They think it’s inappropriate…No one believes you’re simply going to ballpark or guess what $1 million means in negotiation costs. It’s disrespectful to taxpayers.”

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Education Minister Liz Sandals said Thursday that the government didn’t ask for receipts or invoices before the money was given to the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association and the French teachers’ union.

The negotiations were so lengthy this round because of a new system the Liberal government introduced. There is a cost associated, said Wynne, but why it’s up to the government to pay the unions’ costs, she didn’t say.

“The fact is the government isn’t covering all of the costs,” she said.

It’s not the first time the government has given the unions some compensation. There were “supports” in 2004, 2008 and 2012, Sandals said, though she refused to say how much.

Wynne was education minister during one of those negotiations, but she couldn’t say how much was paid to the unions then.

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As the government tries to eliminate a multi-billion-dollar deficit it has said there is no new money for public sector compensation. The $2.5 million was factored into the net-zero nature of the teachers’ contracts, Wynne said, though she didn’t know where that money came from.

“I don’t know the details well enough,” she said in an interview with . “But it didn’t come from student programming.”

She also couldn’t say whether the government has compensated other public sector unions for negotiation costs.

“I can’t give you that information because I don’t know. I don’t know the details of that,” she said.

“I’m not saying we’re not aware of it, I’m just saying I don’t have the numbers in my hand.”

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Government staff later said it doesn’t provide support to unions bargaining for workers directly employed by the Ontario government, but for the broader public sector, “this type of information is not contained in collective agreements and there is no central place where this information is tracked.”

OSSTF president Paul Elliott said it is always part of the compensation package.

“It’s been part of the process as long as I’ve been doing this and it’s really nothing new,” he said. “It’s not a sweetener. It’s part of the whole complete bargaining process.”

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Is Premier Kathleen Wynne’s negotiating system ‘broken’?


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Kathleen Wynne on ETFO talks: Our children deserve better

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U.S. government to offer Bitcoin training for law enforcement officials

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WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is joining with private companies in a partnership aimed at training enforcement officials about the virtual currency Bitcoin and fighting crime arising from its use.


The goals of the partnership, called the Blockchain Alliance, include educating investigators on the ins and outs of how the technology works and enhancing the reputation of a digital currency that’s been associated with high-profile crime even as it has slowly gained mainstream acceptance and legitimacy. Its members hope to change the public perception of virtual currency and deter criminals from using it to their advantage.

The alliance announced Thursday includes the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security and representatives of private companies such as BitFury, BitPay and CoinBase that are involved in virtual currency.

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The name comes from the term “blockchain,” which refers to the digital ledger on which Bitcoin transactions are recorded.

Supporters see Bitcoin, a decentralized form of money that offers users a degree of privacy for their transactions, as a fast and easy payment system that is gaining legitimacy among regulators and businesses. New York state regulators last month approved their first license for a company dealing in virtual currency, and online retailer Overstock老域名购买 this year installed a bitcoin ATM at its corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City.

But Bitcoin’s reputation has nonetheless suffered as criminals have exploited it for Ponzi schemes and as the primary currency for Silk Road, the Internet drug bazaar whose founder was sentenced to life in prison this year. Two agents from the Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Administration who were assigned to a Silk Road task force pleaded guilty this year to pocketing Bitcoin proceeds during the course of their investigation.

“Far too many people think of Bitcoin as the currency of criminals,” said Jason Weinstein, the alliance’s director and a former Justice Department deputy assistant attorney general.

“We think that changing that misperception, that image problem, will be good for the growth of the industry as a whole,” added Weinstein, a partner at the Steptoe and Johnson law firm.

READ MORE: Senate recommends Ottawa use a ‘light touch’ when regulating Bitcoin

He said he envisioned the alliance as a “one-stop shopping resource” for law enforcement, with training sessions and conference calls to answer questions about Bitcoin. Industry participation is intended to signal a commitment to helping law enforcement weed out criminal activity associated with the currency.

“The more law enforcement understands how this technology works, the more they can understand what they can ask for, how they can ask for it,” said Jerry Brito, executive director of Coin Center, a Bitcoin advocacy group and participant in the alliance.

He said the public perception of the virtual currency is reminiscent of the Internet’s early days, when many saw the World Wide Web as a hub for illegal activity. Just as that association has changed over time, so too might the perception of Bitcoin, he said.

“We should get to a point where we don’t think badly of Bitcoin because criminals use Bitcoin,” and part of the way to get there is to draw attention to its legitimate uses, he added.


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Tennessee campus shooting allegedly sparked by dispute over dice game

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NASHVILLE – The last victim of a shooting at Tennessee State University left the hospital Friday as police continued to search for the shooter.

The shooting occurred in an outdoor courtyard during an argument over a dice game at about 10:50 p.m. Thursday, Metro Nashville Police Spokesman Don Aaron said. Cameron Selmon, 19, of Memphis, was killed. He was not a student. Three women, all 18-year-old students, were passing by the courtyard when they were injured by the gunfire.


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One victim was merely grazed and did not require hospitalization. The other was treated and released from Vanderbilt University Medical Center earlier Friday. Police have not released their names.

It wasn’t known whether the shooter, who fled the scene on foot, was a student, Aaron said.

“This was an isolated shooting incident in a courtyard,” Aaron said. “There were never, we believe, any other students in danger in dormitories or elsewhere on campus.”

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Several students used their phones to record the fight. Police have obtained some video, but encouraged other students who scattered when the shooting began to come forward with further recordings and information.

“The person who fired those shots put innocent persons in extreme danger in this isolated incident,” Aaron said. “We’re hoping that TSU students that have this video, have this knowledge, understand that this person put them in danger tonight, and will report what they know.”

Police did not yet have a description of the suspect, and could not say whether an exchange of gunfire occurred until the evidence is analyzed.

On Friday afternoon, security guards at campus gates were restricting access to people who had TSU identification.

The shooting comes just over a week after three people were wounded by gunfire at an off-campus party across the street from the school

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Microsoft earnings highlight its PC challenges

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SAN FRANCISCO – Microsoft may still be suffering from lagging sales of personal computers, but the tech giant has taken some cues from rivals like Apple and Google – and it’s now seeing substantial growth in more promising lines of business ranging from Internet apps and advertising to online games and cloud computing.


In the company’s latest earnings report, issued Thursday, key segments of Microsoft’s business continued to decline in the quarter ended September. Licensing payments from PC-makers were down 6 per cent, a fifth straight quarter of declines, after the July launch of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system failed to spark an immediate revival in sales.

In addition, Microsoft’s decision last summer to pare back its struggling Nokia division meant the company made less money from selling mobile phones. But Microsoft reported strong performance in cloud computing, online advertising and subscriptions to online services – areas CEO Satya Nadella considers key to the company’s future.

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All told, the company said it had $20.4 billion in revenue for the quarter ending Sept. 30, down 12 per cent from a year earlier. Net income rose 1.7 per cent to $4.6 billion. The results drove Microsoft shares up more than 6 per cent in late trading after the earnings announcement. The stock closed earlier at $48.03, up 1.76 per cent for the day.

PC makers like Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo are still hoping Windows 10 will boost PC sales this fall, when they’ll be offering more new models for sale. But Thursday’s report showed Nadella’s increasing emphasis on other segments that promise more potential for growth.

“I think he is realistic about the role of Windows,” said Gartner tech analyst David Smith. Instead of counting heavily on Windows licensing fees, Smith said, Nadella “is much more focused on cloud computing and other services. That’s where the future of the company will be.”

Rather than charge individual PC owners to upgrade their older versions of Windows, for example, Microsoft has been offering free upgrades to Windows 10 – much the way Apple and Google provide free updates to their operating systems for Macs, iPhones and Android devices.

Microsoft hopes to make up the revenue from other sources, such as online advertising tied to its Bing search engine and new Edge browser, which comes with Windows 10. It’s also prodding consumers to pay for ongoing subscriptions to its Xbox Live gaming network and Office 365 “productivity” software.

READ MORE: Microsoft pushing Windows 10 download on Windows 7 and 8.1 users

Analysts say Nadella’s goal is to build a broad ecosystem of interrelated products, offering some for free – including Microsoft apps for Apple and Android devices – while making money from others. By getting Windows 10 onto more computers, he’s also hoping to persuade independent app-makers that there’s an audience for apps that work with Windows on PCs, phones, tablets and gaming consoles. That in turn could give consumers more reason to use those devices.

To some extent, that’s again similar to strategies that have worked for Apple and Google, which offer a variety of online services and mobile apps to keep people using their products.

Windows 10 is now running on 110 million devices, according to Microsoft, although it hasn’t said how many are new PCs and how many are older machines whose owners took advantage of the free upgrade. Analysts say that suggests a healthy interest in the new software, although International Data Corp. estimates overall PC sales still dropped 11 per cent in the third quarter.

Thursday’s results were the first to reflect Microsoft’s recent reshuffling of product lines into new reporting segments. Windows revenue is now lumped in the same category with online advertising, Xbox gaming and its remaining phone business.

READ MORE: PC makers are spending $70M to remind you PCs are awesome

The somewhat cosmetic move “shows the shrinking importance of Windows as a stand-alone product,” said Bernstein Research analyst Mark Moerdler.

Two other categories consolidate Microsoft’s other major revenue sources. One is business software, including the popular “Office” programs. The other combines data centre software with cloud services, in which companies use software housed on Microsoft’s servers.

The latter is Microsoft’s fastest growing segment, and one where analysts say Microsoft is outshining rivals like IBM and Hewlett Packard. Yesterday, in fact, HP announced it will shut down its public cloud-computing service, a tacit admission of defeat.


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Calgary Colts remember dead football star Brock Ramias

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Tributes continue to pour in for 20-year-old Brock Ramias, whose body was found in a Lethbridge park on Monday. His former Calgary Colts teammates are still trying to come to grips with losing their friend and brother. Sarolta Saskiw reports. 

CALGARY – He was known as a beast on the football field, but friends describe Brock Ramias as a guy with “the biggest” heart.

The body of the 20-year-old was found in Kinsmen Park in south Lethbridge on Monday.


News of his sudden death devastated his former Calgary Colts football team.

“It seems just like yesterday we were competing out here,” said friend Andy MacDonald. “He’s just one of those guys you just want to be around and you could tell he had pure heart.”

Conner Robinson grew up with Ramias, describing him as on this his closest friends, his brother.

“He was in the gym all the time, always working out and came across as kind of a meat head,” he added. “But, he was a really internal guy.”

READ MORE: Friends react to death of Lethbridge football star

Ramias was willing to stand up for teammates who looked up to him as a role model – that is how Serge Archambault remembers his old friend.

“He would do anything for anybody,” explained the offensive lineman. “He was a good man and we’re going to remember him forever and every good thing he has done for everyone, and the smiles and laughs he’s put on everyone’s face.”

From left to right: Serge Archambault, Conner Robinson, Andy MacDonald and Brock Ramias.

Tausha Robinson / submitted

Conner Robinson and Brock Ramias.

Tausha Robinson / submitted

Brock Ramias on far right with team after game.

Tausha Robinson / submitted

Brock Ramias on far left with friends.

Tausha Robinson / submitted

Head coach Matthew Blokker said Ramias was a quiet guy, always putting his all into every game and practice. There’s one thing he said the star athlete could not live without.

“He loved his monster drinks. Everyday at practice, coming down here walking I would see him and say ‘hi’ to him and he would just nod his head and pound his monster drink and get to work.”

Autopsy results have determined Ramias’ death was non-criminal in nature. Toxicology results are pending.

The Calgary Colts are currently preparing for the Prairie Football Conference Championship game on Sunday, which they have dedicated to their fallen teammate and friend, hoping to honour him with a victory.

Thu, Oct 22 : The Calgary Colts are mourning the loss of a former player found dead in Lethbridge. As Brendan Parker explains this weekend the team will play in honour of Brock Ramias.


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Zebra Mussels found further north in Lake Winnipeg

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WINNIPEG —; The Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship  has discovered a presence of zebra mussels in the north basin of Lake Winnipeg.

24 samples were collected during the fall monitoring program.  From those samples, one zebra mussel larvae was found southeast of George Island.

Zebra mussels are now present in Lake Winnipeg, the Manitoba portion of the Red River, and Cedar Lake immediately west of Grand Rapids.


Following this finding, The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in Manitoba has responded, saying the health of Lake Winnipeg is crucial to the well-being of natural environments in the province. The organization also says Lake Winnipeg is a key health factor for the communities and people of Manitoba.

According to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, in 2009, Lake Winnipeg was referred to as “Canada’s sickest lake” in a MacLeans Magazine article.  The Global Nature Fund also named it “threatened lake of the year” in 2013.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s  Dan Kraus, is an expert on the Great Lakes.  “It is a lake of extraordinary resurrection,” Dan Kraus said with respect to Lake Erie.

“Both the recreational and commercial fisheries have made a comeback. Water quality is better than it has been in generations.”

Kraus says that Lake Erie and Lake Winnipeg share similar ecological issues.

The province is reminding people that is is illegal to possess of transport zebra mussels. The spread of the mussels is preventable and Manitobans should take the proper precautions when removing their boats from infested lakes.

People are asked to clean and remove any visible aquatic plants, and mud to the vessel and trailer, as well as all water related equipment.  Drain all water from the motor, bilge bait buckets and all other compartments and dry off all areas that may collect water.


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WATCH: Manitoba Moose remain winless following 3-1 loss to Lake Erie Monsters

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WINNIPEG – A lack of shots prevented the Manitoba Moose (0-3-2) from picking up their first win of the season Thursday night at MTS Centre as they fell 3-1 to the Lake Erie Monsters (2-1-1).

The Moose hit the net just 18 times in the loss compared to 36 by the Monsters. The worst period for Manitoba was the second in which it only racked up two shots.

“I thought every time we were able to get the puck into the offensive zone, the ability to be strong on pucks, keep possesion or get possession back, we just didn’t have that strength to push up against their defencemen,” said Moose head coach Keith McCambridge. “I felt we just chased the puck in the offensive zone.”

WATCH: Manitoba Moose react to 3-1 loss to Lake Erie Monsters


Manitoba struck first with a Joel Armia power play goal in the back-half of the opening period. Armia wired a shot from the top of the face-off circle over the shoulder of Lake Erie goalie Anton Forsberg 11:57 into the frame. The goal is Armia’s first of the season and was assisted by Brenden Kichton.

The Monsters pulled ahead in the second thanks to a pair of goals. Snowflake, Manitoba’s Justin Falk helped set up Lukas Sedlak for the equalizer 13:45 into the period. The assist is Falk’s second point in four games this season. Lake Erie then took its first lead just 88 seconds later as the puck squeaked out to a wide-open Michael Chaput who easily put it past Connor Hellebuyck. Chaput sealed the victory in the dying seconds of the third period with an empty netter.

“You try not to look at the frustration,” said Moose captain John Albert. “You try to keep it positive on the bench as much as possible because the more you get frustrated, the more stuff like (lack of shots) happens. The second period wasn’t good but we came back stronger in the third. At least we got some shots on goal and created some scoring chances.”

Thursday’s tilt also marked Moose defenceman Peter Stoykewych’s first pro game in his hometown. The 23-year-old Winnipegger finished with two shots.

The Moose wrap up their four-game homestand with a rematch against the Monsters on Saturday night.

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Ovechkin scores again, Capitals down Canucks

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VANCOUVER – For 55 minutes, it didn’t look like it was going to be Alex Ovechkin’s night.

The Washington Capitals sniper fired shot after shot at Vancouver Canucks goalie Ryan Miller — odd-man rushes, one-timers — but couldn’t get anything through.

Then with the score tied 2-2 in the third, Evgeny Kuznetsov fed Ovechkin on a 2-on-1 for a final attempt that fluttered up and over Miller, off the crossbar and in with 4:55 left in regulation Thursday as the Capitals downed the Canucks 3-2.


Ovechkin smiled when asked about his fifth goal in as many games after having so many other chances saved.

“Muffin shot by me and it goes in,” he said, adding later: “Lots of opportunities today to get more, but that’s why they have goalies.

“Lucky one.”

Jay Beagle, with a goal and an assist, and Jason Chimera also scored for Washington (5-1-0), which picked up its fourth straight victory and won in Vancouver for the first time since 2001. Braden Holtby made 23 stops.

Henrik Sedin and Radim Vrbata had a goal and an assist each for Vancouver (3-2-2), while Miller made 32 saves in the loss.

Down 2-1 through 40 minutes, the Capitals tied it at 5:42 of the third after Vrbata gave the puck away behind his own net, with Beagle eventually tipping John Carlson’s point shot past Miller for his first of the season.

“It somehow tipped up and hit me and came out and I took a swing at it,” said Beagle. “It was a melee, a nice grinder goal.”

Holtby stopped Daniel Sedin on a 2-on-1 midway through the period before stoning Bo Horvat with under seven minutes to set the stage for Ovechkin’s winner.

“That’s my job,” said Holtby. “A team like Vancouver, they are going to get chances. They are pretty skilled, creative, and that’s one thing we knew coming into the game.”

The Canucks are now 0-2-2 at home this season and have dropped the first three of a five-game homestand.

“It’s disappointing. I felt we played well enough to win,” said Henrik Sedin. “They have a good team over there. It’s not good enough to be OK. You have to be great. Today we were good, but it wasn’t enough.”

Vancouver trailed 1-0 after the first period before getting back to even terms thanks to their reunited first line of Vrbata with Henrik and Daniel Sedin.

Vrbata, who was pointless through six games, skated alongside the superstar twins for the first time this season and was rewarded for going to the net at 4:14 of the second when Henrik Sedin’s centring pass went in off his skate.

Vrbata had 31 goals and 32 assists while playing with the Sedins for most of 2014-15, but had struggled to find chemistry on the second line with Horvat early this season.

“It wasn’t the prettiest goal I ever scored, but I will take it and go from there,” said Vrbata. “Too bad it didn’t lead us to two points.”

The Canucks grabbed the lead with 5:59 left in the period on the man advantage when Henrik Sedin took a pass from his brother at the side of the net and squeezed a shot between Holtby and the near post for his second.

The Capitals opened the scoring with 4:50 left in the first period off the rush when Beagle fed Chimera for his third of the season.

Ovechkin nearly made it 2-0 moments later, but Miller came across to make a great save on a 2-on-1 — one of many on Washington’s captain before he finally struck late.

“We haven’t had success in this building in a long time,” said Ovechkin. “Mentally it’s huge for us to get these two points.”

Notes: Washington visits the Edmonton Oilers on Friday. … Vancouver hosts the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday.


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Tima Kurdi, aunt of drowned Syrian boy, says changes to refugee rules too late

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VANCOUVER – The aunt of a young Syrian boy whose lifeless body was photographed on a Mediterranean beach says Canadian government officials have invited her to make another refugee application for one of her brothers and his family.

Tima Kurdi’s application to bring her brother Mohammed Kurdi and his family to Canada was rejected because it didn’t have the necessary paperwork.

Kurdi said an official with Citizenship and Immigration Canada contacted her last week and asked that she reapply for Mohammed.

WATCH: Global News spoke with Tima Kurdi outside of her Coquitlam, B.C. home about news Canadian officials have invited her to resubmit refugee applications for her family.

The government is no longer asking for the difficult-to-obtain United Nations documents needed to satisfy requirements to qualify as a refugee, she said.

But Kurdi said the policy change comes too late to save the wife and two children of her other brother, Abdullah Kurdi. The trio drowned while making the treacherous water crossing from Turkey to Greece.

READ MORE: Tima Kurdi, aunt of drowned Syrian boy, pleads for help for refugees

“Still we are hurt with the tragedy and the guilt about (how) we couldn’t save this family,” Kurdi said Thursday.

“It’s nice to bring some of my family here with me, but it’s still going to be forever and ever that spot in our hearts that’s really burning.”

Abdullah Kurdi’s sister denies allegations her brother was a smuggler


Abdullah Kurdi’s sister denies allegations her brother was a smuggler


Extended: Tima Kurdi clarifies sponsorship for Syrian brothers


Syrian boy photo shows power of a picture



  • ‘Charlie Hebdo’ criticized for Alan Kurdi, refugee crisis cartoons

  • Alan Kurdi’s father was working as a human smuggler claims fellow refugee

  • These images changed public opinion. Has Alan Kurdi’s photo done the same?

  • IN PHOTOS: World mourns drowned Syrian boy Alan Kurdi

Abdullah reportedly paid smugglers about $5,800 for the deadly voyage – money his sister sent him from Canada.

The heart-wrenching image of Abdullah’s dead son, Alan, focused global attention on the refugee crisis and became a heated topic of debate during the federal election campaign.

A picture of the toddler lying face down in the surf, wearing blue shorts and a bright red T-shirt, prompted an international outcry in early September.

READ MORE: Syrian boys mourned at Vancouver memorial

It also prompted Canada’s opposition parties to pressure Prime Minister Stephen Harper to expedite the country’s refugee-resettlement process.

During the election campaign, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Canada should take in 25,000 Syrian refugees by year’s end, a pledge Tima Kurdi hopes the incoming prime minister will honour.

She said she would also like to Trudeau to assist in allowing Abdullah to come to Canada.

“I think Abdullah is a special case and he needs help.” she said.

WATCH: Tima Kurdi hopes to speak with Justin Trudeau

Reports from the UN Refugee Agency estimate that 650,000 people have tried to cross the Mediterranean so far this year, with more than 3,000 of them either dead or missing. The majority of the asylum seekers are from Syria.

Kurdi said she returned last week from a trip to the Middle East where she visited Abdullah, who is staying in Erbil, Iraq.

She said her brother is warming up to the possibility of coming to Canada, which he rejected in the immediate aftermath of his family’s deaths.

Kurdi said her brother plans to open a charity under his sons’ names to help other refugee children.

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Coffee shop, meat market among tenants of new Ritchie Market

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EDMONTON — The historic Ritchie neighbourhood will soon be home to a brand new commercial development.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Thursday for the Ritchie Market project. Scheduled to open in the second half of 2016, the 15,000 square-foot, two-storey building will be located on the corner of 96 Street and 76 Avenue.


The market will be home to a locally-owned brewery and restaurant, Transcend Coffee, a Velocity Cycle concept store and Acme Meat Market.

The Ritchie Market is the brainchild of Greg Zeschuk, co-founder of BioWare and Poul Mark, founder of Transcend Coffee. They say the market is a great way to bring back the idea of “local” to the neighbourhood, providing a place for community members to meet and engage with each other.

“Ritchie, the neighbourhood, is a really interesting area with an eclectic mix of students, families, retirees, artists and business people heavily engaged with their community,” Zeschuk said.

“We want to get back to the idea of a community hub.”

“It is very important to us that Ritchie Market fits within the tightly knit and engaged Ritchie community. It’s their neighbourhood, after all – we’re just the new neighbours,” Mark added.

Trevor Hamilton, who lives in the neighbourhood, said he’s excited for what the new development will bring to the area.

“It’s a good local community feel,” said Hamilton. “You can tell that a lot of people are supporting it and a lot of people are enthusiastic.”

Thursday’s ground breaking ceremony also included a community potluck.

Ritchie Market Renderings from Lynda Vang.

Courtesy, Ritchie Market project


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