Speeding DeLorean spotted in Spruce Grove, mysteriously disappears

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EDMONTON – A peculiar car caught speeding near Spruce Grove has baffled city investigators.

The City of Spruce Grove reported Wednesday that a silver DeLorean DMC-12 was seen travelling at “excessive speeds” early in the morning.



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The vehicle and its occupants – described as a middle-aged man with messy, white hair wearing a lab coat, and a young man wearing an orange vest – were spotted by a peace officer. The car was detected by radar going speeds of approximately 88 miles per hour, a news release said.

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The officer gave chase, but soon afterwards, the DeLorean vanished without a trace. Two fiery tire tracks were reported on scene. The fires were extinguished by Spruce Grove Fire Services, which is investigating the incident.

“The Fire Service’s equipment has been receiving strange readings on the site,” said Jennifer Heatherington, an official with the City of Spruce Grove. She added that it could be “several days” before the investigation is concluded.

A witness told the city he saw the vehicle driving by him quickly and heard one of the occupants shout: “Great Scott!”

The witness also said, “It made like a tree, and got out of there.”

Investigators said the vehicle was spotted in a mall parking lot late Tuesday night, and was also seen near a store within Spruce Grove before its unexplained disappearance.

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“Following this somewhat mysterious incident, we’d like to remind everyone that speeding is dangerous and one of the leading causes of collisions in the area,” said Spruce Grove Fire Chief Robert Kosterman.

“By slowing down and obeying traffic laws, we can all ensure the future will arrive for everyone.”

On Wednesday, Health Canada announced DeLorean Motor Company had recalled the DMC-12, citing “a defect in the flux capacitor” which, if not fixed, “could have disastrous consequences.”

In a statement, Health Canada said all repairs would be handled by area tinkerer Doc Brown.

Brown was not available for comment.


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