Supreme Court of Canada agrees to hear Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois appeal

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OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canadan is preparing to revisit an episode from Quebec’s 2012 Maple Spring, when Quebec students took to the streets en masse to protest proposed tuition hikes and austerity measures.

The country’s highest tribunal has agreed to hear an appeal opposing Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Jean-François Morasse.



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At the time, both students found themselves at oppossing ends of the student conflict, with their quarrel spilling over into the courts.

At the beginning of May 2012, M. Morasse obtained a court order from Quebec’s Superior Court giving students in the Fine Arts program at Laval University the right to attend classes.

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Just 11 days later, Nadeau-Dubois, then spokesperson for the militant CLASSE organization was interviewed on Radio-Canada where he declared that it was legitimate for students to take all necessary and available means to ensure that the students’ strike mandate be respected.

In that interview he also stated that the use of picket lines was a legitimate way of achieving that.

Nadeau-Dubois was then accused of and found guilty of contempt of court in November 2012 and sentenced to 120 hours of community work.



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