UPDATE: Tina the ‘severely obese’ cat is now in intensive care

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FREDERICTON – Tina the Cat, who weighs in at a whopping 38 lbs, is now in intensive care because of her size.

Veterinarians at the Hometown Veterinary Hospital in Fredericton believe it may take anywhere from a year, to a year and a half for her to make a full recovery.

A strict new diet and plenty of exercise are just what the doctor is ordering for Tina “severely obese” cat that was recently handed over to the Fredericton SPCA (FSPCA).

The FSPCA says that her health was compromised when she was brought to them.


“She completely filled the cat cage,” FSPCA supervisor Andrea Stone said.

Tina, whose name pays homage to another obese cat brought to the FSPCA in 2012 named Tiny, was brought to the Hometown Veterinary Hospital where she’s been staying through her recovery process.

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“Tina has been doing well medically,” said Dr. Chelsea Armstrong, who is overseeing the cat’s care.

“She has lost a few pounds and she seems to be adjusting well to her new diet and exercise regimen.”

Stone said that when Tina was first brought to the FSPCA by an animal control officer, she was worried that the cat wouldn’t survive.

“Tina has a long road to recovery ahead of her and we have to closely monitor her health during her weight loss,” Armstrong said.

“She is on her way to becoming a healthy cat once again.”

FSPCA director Annette James say that Tina’s condition is shocking and that people need to know that, “obesity threatens to cut short an animal’s life and is actually a form of neglect.” Being healthy and having a good diet and activity levels contribute to an animal’s well being.

Tina’s weight and size made it impossible for her to clean herself, which James says also brought on “serious and distressful physical side effects.”

Tina’s care will cost a lot of money, but James says that it’s worth it to see her doing so well.

“She’s beautiful with a delightful personality in spite of her pain and discomfort.”


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