Vancouver Fire Services caution people not to copy actions in new Good Samaritan video

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Some remarkable video has surfaced of motorcyclists coming to the rescue of a car accident victim in Richmond – but not everyone is impressed.

“The two bystanders rush in to help really really quickly, and they don’t seem at all like they’re checking their surroundings for other hazards,” says Captain Jonathan Gormick of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services.


The GoPro video, which was posted to YouTube last month, shows a group of motorcyclists fuelling up at a Chevron station in Richmond when they hear the sound of a car crashing and flipping onto a median.

The group rushes over and asks if people inside are fine. They eventually remove the door and pull out the man inside, who appears to have no injuries.

Gormick advises people against removing people from crashed vehicles because of the risk of aggravating possible injuries.

“There’s very few times it’s appropriate to remove someone from a motor vehicle…only if they’re in any kind of imminent danger, like it’s starting on fire, but otherwise in the car is probably the safest place for them to be.”

He says he cringed a bit watching the video, and says Good Samaritans should respond more cautiously if they ever see a crash unfold.

“It’s really easy to get that kind of tunnel vision and lack situation awareness. Just taking a minute to see what’s really going on, see if there’s other vehicles flying by. Call 911 first, then take a couple extra seconds to make sure you’re safe,” he says.

“If you become a patient, now you’re extra work for the responders and you’re of no use for the person who was originally hurt.”

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