Video shows Sammy Yatim’s final moments before being shot to death by police in 2013

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TORONTO —; Newly released video provides a more complete picture of what led up to the shooting of Sammy Yatim at the hands of a police officer on a Toronto streetcar in July 2013.

Fifty seconds after cops confront Yatim, they shoot – three times. The teenager falls. Five seconds later, six more shots. His leg twitches. He is shot with a Taser.


A Toronto courtroom watched four new videos Wednesday, about 15 minutes each, showing Sammy Yatim’s final moments before being shot to death by a Toronto police officer on a streetcar in July 2013.

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The video sequence showing the shooting is a crucial part of the trial, as the jury determines whether the officer was justified in firing nine shots.

Const. James Forcillo, who fired the shots, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and attempted murder in connection with Yatim’s death, which led to public outcry, accusations of police brutality and calls on Toronto police to change the way they deal with people in crisis.

Four cameras mounted at different points inside the streetcar captured the series of events leading up to Yatim’s death, including the moment Forcillo opened fire nine times, with eight bullets piercing Yatim’s body.

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The videos show Yatim casually entering the streetcar holding a knapsack and wearing a baseball cap, white pants and a dark t-shirt.

Minutes later, a group of passengers can be seen running from the streetcar looking terrified. Yatim is standing behind them with a knife in his hand.

A second camera angle shows Yatim swing a switchblade in a woman’s direction, then expose his genitals before he follows the fleeing crowd toward the front of the streetcar, waving the knife. He does not get off the streetcar at any point.

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Yatim can be seen yelling through the doors, waving his hands. At one point he is seen talking with the streetcar driver, who only leaves the streetcar after speaking with Yatim for a short period of time.

Police arrive on scene, lights flashing. Forcillo and his partner Const. Iris Fleckeisen draw their guns as they confront Yatim at the front of the streetcar.

Less than a minute after arriving, Forcillo opens fire on the teenager, shooting Yatim three times as he steps back with his hands raised, still holding the knife. Yatim falls to the ground. Forcillo then fires another six shots.

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Yatim’s leg twitches, and another officer discharges a taser in the teenager’s direction as he lies on the floor.

More police arrive and within moments the situation is over. The black-and-white videos have no audio.

They show the sequence of events leading up to Yatim’s death but don’t provide context as to what was going through his mind, what he said to passengers and police or what they said to him before his death.

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Crown prosecutors have said they plan to prove Forcillo’s actions in the incident were neither necessary nor reasonable. Forcillo’s lawyer has said he will argue the officer’s actions were justified and carried out in self-defence.

The jury has also been told an autopsy found Yatim had consumed the drug ecstasy before he boarded the streetcar where he died.

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